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Garbage 'No Gods No Masters' music video No Gods No Masters (2021) Director: Scott Stuckey
Production Company: Our Secret Handshake
Garbage 'The Men Who Rule The World' music video The Men Who Rule The World (2021) Director: Javi Miamor
Garbage 'Magnetized' music video Magnetized (2016) Director: Scott Stuckey
Garbage 'Empty' music video Empty (2016) Director: Samuel Bayer
Garbage 'The Chemicals' music video The Chemicals (2015) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Girls Talk' music video Girls Talk (2014) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Because The Night' music video Because The Night (2013) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Big Bright World' music video Big Bright World (2012) Director: Julie Orser
Garbage 'Blood For Poppies' music video Blood For Poppies (2012) Director: Matt Irwin
Garbage 'Tell Me Where It Hurts' music video Tell Me Where It Hurts (2007) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Run Baby Run' music video Run Baby Run (2005) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Bleed Like Me' music video Bleed Like Me (2005) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Sex Is Not The Enemy' music video Sex Is Not The Enemy (2005) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Why Do You Love Me' music video Why Do You Love Me (2005) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Shut Your Mouth' music video Shut Your Mouth (2002) Director: Henry Moore Selder
Garbage 'Breaking Up The Girl' music video Breaking Up The Girl (2002) Director: Francis Lawrence
Garbage 'Shut Your Mouth' music video Shut Your Mouth (2002) Director: Elliot Chaffer
Garbage 'Cherry Lips' music video Cherry Lips (2001) Director: Joseph Kahn
Garbage 'Androgyny' music video Androgyny (2001) Director: Donald Cameron
Garbage 'The World is not Enough' music video The World is not Enough (1999) Director: Philipp Stölzl
Production Companies: BFCS, Eon Productions
Garbage 'You Look So Fine' music video You Look So Fine (1999) Director: Stéphane Sednaoui
Garbage 'When I Grow Up' music video When I Grow Up (1999) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'When I Grow Up' music video When I Grow Up (1999) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Push It' music video Push It (1998) Director: Andrea Giacobbe
Garbage 'The Trick Is To Keep Breathing' music video The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (1998) Director: Sophie Muller
Garbage 'Special' music video Special (1998) Director: Dawn Shadforth
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Garbage 'I Think I'm Paranoid' music video I Think I'm Paranoid (1998) Director: Matthew Rolston
Production Company: Mars Media
Garbage 'Milk' music video Milk (1996) Director: Stéphane Sednaoui
Garbage 'Stupid Girl' music video Stupid Girl (1996) Production Company: Mars Media
Director: Samuel Bayer
Garbage 'Sleep' music video Sleep (1996) Director: Karen Lamond
Garbage 'Queer' music video Queer (1995) Director: Stéphane Sednaoui
Garbage 'Vow' music video Vow (1995) Director: Samuel Bayer
Garbage 'Only Happy When It Rains' music video Only Happy When It Rains (1995) Director: Samuel Bayer
Production Company: Mars Media

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