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Joe 'Ride Wit U' music video Ride Wit U (2004)
Director: Benny Boom
Jane's Addiction 'True Nature' music video True Nature (2003)
Jane's Addiction
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Blondie 'Good Boys (Blow Up Radio Version)' music video Good Boys (Blow Up Radio Version) (2003)
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Blondie 'Good Boys' music video Good Boys (2003)
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Live 'Heaven' music video Heaven (2003)
Director: Arni & Kinski
Papa Roach 'Time And Time Again' music video Time And Time Again (2002)
Papa Roach
Director: Samuel Bayer
Lady May 'Round Up' music video Round Up (2002)
Lady May
Director: Director X
Lenny Kravitz 'Dig In' music video Dig In (2001)
Lenny Kravitz
Director: Samuel Bayer
Erick Sermon 'I'm Hot' music video I'm Hot (2001)
Erick Sermon
Director: Director X
R. Kelly 'Fiesta' music video Fiesta (2001)
R. Kelly
Directors: Director X, R. Kelly
Richard Lugo 'Boom' music video Boom (2001)
Richard Lugo
Director: Kevin Hunter
Faith Evans 'Good Life' music video Good Life (2001)
Faith Evans
Director: Marcus Raboy
Aerosmith 'Sunshine' music video Sunshine (2001)
Director: Samuel Bayer
Michael Jackson 'You Rock My World' music video You Rock My World (2001)
Michael Jackson
Director: Paul Hunter
Dream 'This Is Me' music video This Is Me (2001)
Director: Marcus Raboy
LL Cool J 'You And Me' music video You And Me (2000)
LL Cool J
Director: Director X
Sisqó 'Thong Song' music video Thong Song (2000)
Director: Director X
Korn 'Make Me Bad' music video Make Me Bad (2000)
Director: Martin Weisz
Will Smith 'Freakin' It' music video Freakin' It (2000)
Will Smith
Director: Paul Hunter
Sparkle 'It's A Fact' music video It's A Fact (2000)
Director: Director X
Beenie Man 'Girls Dem Sugar' music video Girls Dem Sugar (2000)
Beenie Man
Director: Director X
Ice Cube 'U Can Do It' music video U Can Do It (1999)
Ice Cube
Directors: Director X, Cameron Casey
Donell Jones 'This Luv' music video This Luv (1999)
Donell Jones
Director: Director X
Mystikal 'Neck Uv Da Woods' music video Neck Uv Da Woods (1999)
Director: Director X
Garbage 'I Think I'm Paranoid' music video I Think I'm Paranoid (1998)
Director: Matthew Rolston
Supertramp 'You Win, I Lose' music video You Win, I Lose (1997)
Director: David Hogan
Collective Soul 'Precious Declaration' music video Precious Declaration (1997)
Collective Soul
Director: Lawrence Carroll
Garbage 'Stupid Girl' music video Stupid Girl (1996)
Director: Samuel Bayer
Metallica 'Until It Sleeps' music video Until It Sleeps (1996)
Director: Samuel Bayer
Better Than Ezra 'King Of New Orleans' music video King Of New Orleans (1996)
Better Than Ezra
Director: Lawrence Carroll
Garbage 'Only Happy When It Rains' music video Only Happy When It Rains (1995)
Director: Samuel Bayer

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