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Hot Chip 'Straight To The Morning' music video Straight To The Morning (2020) Director: RÉALITÉ
Hot Chip 'Positive' music video Positive (2020) Director: Sebastian Strasser
Production Companies: Anorak Film, Radioaktivefilm
Hot Chip 'Bath Full of Ecstasy' music video Bath Full of Ecstasy (2019) Director: Oliver Payne
Hot Chip 'Hungry Child' music video Hungry Child (2019) Director: Saman Kesh
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Hot Chip 'Started Right' music video Started Right (2015) Director: Rollo Jackson
Hot Chip 'Need You Now' music video Need You Now (2015) Director: Shynola
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Hot Chip 'Huarache Lights' music video Huarache Lights (2015) Director: Andy Knowles
Hot Chip 'Don't Deny Your Heart' music video Don't Deny Your Heart (2012) Director: Peter Serafinowicz
Hot Chip 'Night & Day' music video Night & Day (2012) Director: Peter Serafinowicz
Hot Chip 'How Do You Do?' music video How Do You Do? (2012) Director: Rollo Jackson
Hot Chip 'Boy from School' music video Boy from School (2006) Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Garth Jennings
Hot Chip 'I Feel Better' music video I Feel Better Director: Peter Serafinowicz
Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Hot Chip 'Look At Where We Are' music video Look At Where We Are Director: Danny Perez
Hot Chip 'One Life Stand' music video One Life Stand
Hot Chip 'Colours' music video Colours

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