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as Post Production Company (55)

Foxes 'Love Not Loving You' music video Love Not Loving You (2020)
Director: Rauri Cantelo
Hot Chip 'Positive' music video Positive (2020)
Hot Chip
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Aurora 'Queendom' music video Queendom (2018)
Director: Kinga Burza
Note: London
Dua Lipa 'Blow Your Mind (Mwah)' music video Blow Your Mind (Mwah) (2016)
Dua Lipa
Director: Kinga Burza
Pandora Drive 'Unoriginal Sin' music video Unoriginal Sin (2016)
Pandora Drive
Director: Thomas Knights
Tame Impala 'Let It Happen' music video Let It Happen (2015)
Tame Impala
Director: David Wilson
Little Boots 'Taste It' music video Taste It (2014)
Little Boots
Director: Ish Sahotay
Pharrell Williams 'Gust Of Wind' music video Gust Of Wind (2014)
Pharrell Williams
Director: Edgar Wright
Elliott Power 'On The Windrush' music video On The Windrush (2014)
Elliott Power
Director: Sam Pilling
Daphne Guinness 'Evening In Space' music video Evening In Space (2014)
Daphne Guinness
Director: David LaChapelle
Imogen Heap 'Run-Time' music video Run-Time (2014)
Imogen Heap
Director: Imogen Heap
Pharrell Williams 'Come Get It Bae' music video Come Get It Bae (2014)
Pharrell Williams
Director: Luis Cerveró
Sam Smith 'Leave Your Lover' music video Leave Your Lover (2014)
Sam Smith
Director: Luke Monaghan
Pharrell Williams 'Marilyn Monroe' music video Marilyn Monroe (2014)
Pharrell Williams
Director: Luis Cerveró
Ella Henderson 'Ghost' music video Ghost (2014)
Ella Henderson
Director: Charles Mehling
Breton '15 Minutes' music video 15 Minutes (2014)
Director: Niall O'Brien
Hot Since 82 vs. Joe T. Vannelli 'The End' music video The End (2014)
Hot Since 82 vs. Joe T. Vannelli
Director: Jamie Childs
Anna Calvi 'Piece By Piece' music video Piece By Piece (2014)
Anna Calvi
Director: Mathy & Fran
Major Lazer 'Sweat' music video Sweat (2013)
Major Lazer
Director: Ryan Staake
Lily Allen 'Hard Out Here' music video Hard Out Here (2013)
Lily Allen
Director: Chris Sweeney
Patrick Wolf 'The Libertine' music video The Libertine (2013)
Patrick Wolf
Director: Matt Lambert
Ben Pearce 'What I Might Do' music video What I Might Do (2013)
Ben Pearce
Director: James Copeman
Sleigh Bells 'Bitter Rivals' music video Bitter Rivals (2013)
Sleigh Bells
Director: Sleigh Bells
MGMT 'Your Life Is A Lie' music video Your Life Is A Lie (2013)
Director: Tom Kuntz
Mumford & Sons 'Whispers In The Dark' music video Whispers In The Dark (2013)
Mumford & Sons
Director: Jim Canty
Lapalux 'Without You' music video Without You (2013)
Director: Nick Ray Rutter
James Blake 'Retrograde' music video Retrograde (2013)
James Blake
Director: Martin de Thurah
Muse 'Supremacy' music video Supremacy (2013)
Director: Terry Hall
Tame Impala 'Mind Mischief' music video Mind Mischief (2013)
Tame Impala
Director: David Wilson
Co-Director: Thomas Ormonde
Cody ChesnuTT ''Til I Met Thee' music video 'Til I Met Thee (2013)
Cody ChesnuTT
Director: Terence Nance
Lauriana Mae 'Money Mae' music video Money Mae (2013)
Lauriana Mae
Director: Kai Regan
Daughn Gibson 'Another Hell' music video Another Hell (2013)
Daughn Gibson
Director: Saam Farahmand
Toro y Moi 'So Many Details' music video So Many Details (2012)
Toro y Moi
Director: HARRYS
Jessie Ware 'Night Light' music video Night Light (2012)
Jessie Ware
Director: Chris Sweeney
The Maccabees 'Feel to Follow' music video Feel to Follow (2012)
The Maccabees
Director: James Caddick
Crystal Fighters 'Champion Sound' music video Champion Sound (2011)
Crystal Fighters
Directors: Ben Strebel, Lewis Kyle White
Rumer 'Goodbye Girl' music video Goodbye Girl (2011)
Director: Chris Sweeney
The Horrors 'Still Life' music video Still Life (2011)
The Horrors
Director: Oliver Murray
i.hunter 'Epitaph' music video Epitaph (2011)
Director: Chino Moya
Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'Bittersweet' music video Bittersweet (2011)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Director: Chris Sweeney
Hurts 'Sunday' music video Sunday (2010)
Director: W.I.Z.
Crystal Fighters 'Follow' music video Follow (2010)
Crystal Fighters
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Franz Ferdinand 'No You Girls' music video No You Girls (2009)
Franz Ferdinand
Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Das Pop 'Underground' music video Underground (2008)
Das Pop
Director: Ollie Evans
Ladyhawke 'Back of the Van' music video Back of the Van (2008)
Director: Kinga Burza
Kano (6) 'Hustler' music video Hustler (2008)
Kano (6)
Director: Nez
Cody ChesnuTT 'King of the Game' music video King of the Game (2006)
Cody ChesnuTT
Director: Michel Gondry
The Sunshine Underground 'I Ain't Losing Any Sleep' music video I Ain't Losing Any Sleep (2006)
The Sunshine Underground
Directors: Chris Sweeney, Sarah Chatfield
Sigur Rós 'Sæglópur' music video Sæglópur (2006)
Sigur Rós
Director: Eva Maria Daniels
Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Gold Lion' music video Gold Lion (2006)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Director: Patrick Daughters
Maxïmo Park 'Graffiti' music video Graffiti (2005)
Maxïmo Park
Director: Lynn Fox
Supergrass 'St. Petersburg' music video St. Petersburg (2005)
Director: Börkur Sigthorsson
Gomez 'We Haven't Turned Around' music video We Haven't Turned Around (1999)
Director: Lawrence Dunmore
Gomez 'Bring It On' music video Bring It On (1999)
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Gomez 'Rhythm & Blues Alibi' music video Rhythm & Blues Alibi (1999)
Director: David Mould

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as Color House (29)

Lotic 'Hunted' music video Hunted (2018)
Director: Matt Lambert
Marshmello 'Spotlight' music video Spotlight (2018)
Director: Nick Koenig
Tove Lo 'Disco Tits' music video Disco Tits (2017)
Tove Lo
Director: Tim Erem
Tove Lo 'Fire Fade' music video Fire Fade (2017)
Tove Lo
Director: Tim Erem
Radiohead 'I Promise' music video I Promise (2017)
Director: Micha? Marczak
Post Animal 'Special Moment' music video Special Moment (2017)
Post Animal
Directors: Alec Basse, Max Moore
WDL 'Cashmere' music video Cashmere (2017)
Director: Floyd Russ
Shock Machine 'Lost In The Mystery' music video Lost In The Mystery (2016)
Shock Machine
Director: Nova Dando
Dua Lipa 'Blow Your Mind (Mwah)' music video Blow Your Mind (Mwah) (2016)
Dua Lipa
Director: Kinga Burza
88 Palms 'Bright Lights' music video Bright Lights (2016)
88 Palms
Director: Paulette Agnes Ang
The Whiskey Hollow 'Hudson Hill' music video Hudson Hill (2016)
The Whiskey Hollow
Director: Stephen Mlinarcik
Steve Angello 'Tiger' music video Tiger (2016)
Steve Angello
Director: Fredrik Hvass
The Jezabels 'Pleasure Drive' music video Pleasure Drive (2016)
The Jezabels
Director: Max Hemmings
Valentino Khan 'Deep Down Low' music video Deep Down Low (2016)
Valentino Khan
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Ro Ransom 'See Me Fall' music video See Me Fall (2015)
Ro Ransom
Director: Anthony Pellino
Froth 'Nothing Baby' music video Nothing Baby (2015)
Director: Riley Blakeway
Chulius & The Filarmónicos 'Don't' music video Don't (2014)
Chulius & The Filarmónicos
Director: Fermín Cimadevilla
Pharrell Williams 'Gust Of Wind' music video Gust Of Wind (2014)
Pharrell Williams
Director: Edgar Wright
Lily Allen 'As Long As I Got You' music video As Long As I Got You (2014)
Lily Allen
Director: Chris Sweeney
MØ 'Walk This Way' music video Walk This Way (2014)
Director: Emile Rafael
Booka Shade 'Crossing Borders' music video Crossing Borders (2014)
Booka Shade
Director: Ryan Staake
Paolo Nutini 'Scream (Funk My Life Up)' music video Scream (Funk My Life Up) (2014)
Paolo Nutini
Director: Nez
Beyoncé 'Mine' music video Mine (2013)
Director: Pierre Debusschere
Ben Pearce 'What I Might Do' music video What I Might Do (2013)
Ben Pearce
Director: James Copeman
Laura Marling 'Devil's Resting Place' music video Devil's Resting Place (2013)
Laura Marling
Director: FRED&NICK
Scrufizzer 'Kick It' music video Kick It (2013)
Director: Tomás Whitmore
Emika 'Centuries' music video Centuries (2013)
Director: Matt Lambert
Elisa Jo 'Defeated' music video Defeated (2013)
Elisa Jo
Director: James Lees
Example 'Watch the Sun Come Up' music video Watch the Sun Come Up (2009)

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as Post Production (7)

Hozier 'Movement' music video Movement (2018)
Director: Us
Sigur Rós 'Brennisteinn' music video Brennisteinn (2013)
Sigur Rós
Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Rufus Wainwright 'Out of the Game' music video Out of the Game (2012)
Rufus Wainwright
Director: Philip Andelman
Cobra Starship 'Good Girls Go Bad' music video Good Girls Go Bad (2009)
Cobra Starship
Director: Kai Regan
The Zutons 'Valerie' music video Valerie (2006)
The Zutons
Director: Scott Lyon
Note: Telecine
Goldfrapp 'Twist' music video Twist (2003)
Director: H5
Benny Benassi 'Satisfaction' music video Satisfaction (2003)
Benny Benassi
Director: Dougal Wilson
Note: London

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