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Major Lazer 'Can’t Take It From Me' music video Can’t Take It From Me (2019)
Major Lazer
Director: Irrum
Farao 'Marry Me' music video Marry Me (2018)
Director: Irrum
Ry X 'Bad Love' music video Bad Love (2017)
Ry X
Director: Irrum
Alexandra Savior 'Mirage' music video Mirage (2017)
Alexandra Savior
Director: Irrum
Production Company: Gas & Electric
Farao 'Warriors' music video Warriors (2015)
Director: Irrum
Farao 'Hunter' music video Hunter (2015)
Director: Irrum
Swim Deep 'To My Brother' music video To My Brother (2015)
Swim Deep
Director: Irrum
Sasha Siem 'So Polite' music video So Polite (2015)
Sasha Siem
Director: Irrum

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