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Major Lazer 'Titans' music video Titans (2021) Director: Ernest Desumbila
Major Lazer 'Diplomatico' music video Diplomatico (2021) Director: Sam Sulam
Major Lazer 'Pra Te Machucar' music video Pra Te Machucar (2021) Director: Felipe Sassi
Major Lazer 'Can’t Take It From Me' music video Can’t Take It From Me (2019) Director: Irrum
Major Lazer 'Blow That Smoke' music video Blow That Smoke (2018) Director: Dad
Major Lazer 'Miss You' music video Miss You (2018) Director: Austin Peters
Major Lazer 'Jump' music video Jump (2017) Directors: Dan Streit, Lindsey Nico Mann
Major Lazer 'Know No Better' music video Know No Better (2017)
Major Lazer 'Run Up' music video Run Up (2017) Director: Paul, Luc & Martin
Production Companies: Phantasm (5), Pulse Films, Paradoxal
Major Lazer 'Believer' music video Believer (2017) Director: Christopher Louie
Major Lazer 'Cold Water' music video Cold Water (2016) Director: Matt Baron
Major Lazer 'Night Riders' music video Night Riders (2016) Director: KILLDEATH
Major Lazer 'Light It Up (Remix)' music video Light It Up (Remix) (2016) Director: Rupert Burton
Major Lazer 'Light It Up' music video Light It Up (2016) Director: Sam Pilling
Production Company: Pulse Films
Major Lazer 'Be Together' music video Be Together (2016) Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Production Company: Pomp & Clout
Major Lazer 'Too Original' music video Too Original (2015) Director: Tim Erem
Production Company: Diktator
Major Lazer 'Powerful' music video Powerful (2015) Director: James Slater
Major Lazer '2 Cups' music video 2 Cups (2015) Director: Jeremy Sengly
Major Lazer 'Bass Drop' music video Bass Drop (2015)
Major Lazer 'Lean On' music video Lean On (2015) Director: Tim Erem
Production Company: Diktator
Major Lazer 'Come To Me' music video Come To Me (2014) Director: Ruben Fleischer
Major Lazer 'Aerosol Can' music video Aerosol Can (2014) Production Company: Studios Abel14
Director: Kyle dePinna
Major Lazer 'Lose Yourself' music video Lose Yourself (2014) Director: Diplo
Major Lazer 'Sweat' music video Sweat (2013) Director: Ryan Staake
Production Companies: Pier Pictures, Pomp & Clout
Major Lazer 'Jet Blue Jet' music video Jet Blue Jet (2013) Director: Grizz Lee
Major Lazer 'Scare Me' music video Scare Me (2013) Director: Brandon Dermer
Production Company: Lord Danger
Major Lazer 'Bubble Butt' music video Bubble Butt (2013) Director: Eric Wareheim
Production Company: Jash
Major Lazer 'Watch Out For This (Bumaye)' music video Watch Out For This (Bumaye) (2013) Director: Jay Will
Major Lazer 'Get Free' music video Get Free (2012) Director: So Me
Major Lazer 'Original Don' music video Original Don (2011) Director: Kyle Frere
Major Lazer 'Pon De Floor' music video Pon De Floor (2009) Director: Eric Wareheim
Production Company: Prettybird
Major Lazer 'Keep it Going Louder' music video Keep it Going Louder (2009) Director: Eric Wareheim

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