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Jack's Mannequin 'Casting Lines' music video Casting Lines (2011) Director: Claire Marie Vogel
Production Company: 3300 Films
Jack's Mannequin 'People, Running' music video People, Running (2011) Directors: Hettie Griffiths, Rob Jarvis
Jack's Mannequin 'My Racing Thoughts' music video My Racing Thoughts (2011) Director: Änders Rostad
Jack's Mannequin 'Release Me' music video Release Me (2011) Director: Nate Weaver
Jack's Mannequin 'Television' music video Television (2011) Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Jack's Mannequin 'Amy, I' music video Amy, I (2011) Director: Chloé Fleury
Co-Director: Delphine Wibaux
Jack's Mannequin 'Hey, Hey, Hey' music video Hey, Hey, Hey (2011) Director: Alicia J. Rose
Jack's Mannequin 'Amelia Jean' music video Amelia Jean (2011) Director: Emily Wormley
Jack's Mannequin 'Platform Fire' music video Platform Fire (2011) Directors: Alice Glenn, Eugenia Lim
Jack's Mannequin 'Hostage' music video Hostage (2011) Director: Nina Mühlenkamp
Jack's Mannequin 'Restless Dream' music video Restless Dream (2011) Director: Aaron Hymes
Jack's Mannequin 'Swim' music video Swim (2009) Director: Steven Murashige
Jack's Mannequin 'The Resolution' music video The Resolution (2009) Directors: Stephenie Meyer, Noble Jones
Jack's Mannequin 'The Mixed Tape' music video The Mixed Tape (2006) Director: Jay Martin
Production Company: DNA, Inc.

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