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Jessie Ware 'Free Yourself' music video Free Yourself (2022)
Jessie Ware 'Hot N Heavy' music video Hot N Heavy (2021)
Jessie Ware 'Remember Where You Are' music video Remember Where You Are (2021) Director: Dominic Savage
Jessie Ware 'What’s Your Pleasure?' music video What’s Your Pleasure? (2020)
Jessie Ware 'The Kill' music video The Kill (2020) Director: Najeeb Tarazi
Jessie Ware 'Step Into My Life' music video Step Into My Life (2020) Director: Madison Shelpuk
Jessie Ware 'Soul Control' music video Soul Control (2020) Director: I could never be a dancer
Jessie Ware 'Save A Kiss' music video Save A Kiss (2020)
Jessie Ware 'Spotlight' music video Spotlight (2020)
Jessie Ware 'Alone' music video Alone (2017)
Jessie Ware 'Midnight' music video Midnight (2017) Director: Tom Beard
Jessie Ware 'Champagne Kisses' music video Champagne Kisses (2015) Director: Chris Sweeney
Jessie Ware 'You & I (Forever)' music video You & I (Forever) (2014) Director: Adam Powell
Jessie Ware 'Say You Love Me' music video Say You Love Me (2014) Director: Tell No One
Jessie Ware 'Tough Love' music video Tough Love (2014) Director: BRTHR
Production Company: Friend
Jessie Ware 'Imagine It Was Us' music video Imagine It Was Us (2013) Director: Kate Moross
Jessie Ware 'Sweet Talk' music video Sweet Talk (2012) Director: Joel Wilson
Jessie Ware 'Night Light' music video Night Light (2012) Director: Chris Sweeney
Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Jessie Ware 'Wildest Moments' music video Wildest Moments (2012) Director: Kate Moross
Jessie Ware '110%' music video 110% (2012) Director: Kate Moross
Jessie Ware 'Running' music video Running (2012) Director: Kate Moross
Production Company: Pulse Films
Jessie Ware 'Selfish Love' music video Selfish Love Director: Tom Beard

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