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Juelz Santana 'Dip'd In Coke' music video Dip'd In Coke (2017) Director: Kid Art
Production Company: Chariot Pictures
Juelz Santana 'Awesome' music video Awesome (2013) Director: Prime Cut
Juelz Santana 'Nobody Knows' music video Nobody Knows (2013) Director: Prime Cut
Juelz Santana 'Jingle Bellz' music video Jingle Bellz (2008) Directors: Jim Jones, Kevin J Custer
Production Company: Raging Nation Films
Oh Yes (2005) Director: Jessy Terrero
Juelz Santana 'Clockwork' music video Clockwork Director: Dale Resteghini
Juelz Santana 'Bodies' music video Bodies Director: Prime Cut

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