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Ásgeir 'Unbound' music video Unbound (2017)
Director: Julien Lassort
Production Company: Solab Pictures
MØ 'Kamikaze' music video Kamikaze (2015)
Director: Truman & Cooper
Naive New Beaters 'Run Away' music video Run Away (2015)
Naive New Beaters
Director: Romain Chassaing
Production Company: Solab Pictures
Hawk House 'Chill Pill (Experiment 2)' music video Chill Pill (Experiment 2) (2014)
Hawk House
Director: Thomas Rhazi
Production Company: DIVISION
Scratch Massive 'Waiting for a Sign' music video Waiting for a Sign (2013)
Scratch Massive
Director: Edouard Salier
GUSH 'Siblings' music video Siblings (2013)
Directors: Julien A. Ansault, Jonathan Lagache
Alt-J 'Fitzpleasure' music video Fitzpleasure (2012)
Director: Emile Sornin
Production Company: DIVISION
Mademoiselle Yulia 'Gimme Gimme' music video Gimme Gimme (2011)
Mademoiselle Yulia
Director: Fafi
Production Company: DIVISION
Audio Bullys 'Only Man' music video Only Man (2010)
Audio Bullys
Director: Jonas & Francois
Production Company: El Niño
Tricky 'Murder Weapon' music video Murder Weapon (2010)
Director: Fleur & Manu
Production Company: DIVISION
Empyr 'It's Gonna Be' music video It's Gonna Be (2010)
Director: KROZM
Production Company: RODS
Depeche Mode 'Peace' music video Peace (2009)
Depeche Mode
Director: Jonas & Francois

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