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as 1st Assistant Camera (5)

Jake Bugg 'Messed Up Kids' music video Messed Up Kids (2014)
Jake Bugg
Director: Andrew Douglas
Production Company: Untitled Films
Don Broco 'You Wanna Know' music video You Wanna Know (2013)
Don Broco
Director: Daniel Broadley
Production Company: Kode Media
Waylayers 'S.O.S' music video S.O.S (2013)
Director: Alexander Brown
JJ DOOM 'Guv'nor' music video Guv'nor (2012)
Director: Ninian Doff
Production Company: Pulse Films
Gabrielle Aplin 'Please Don't Say You Love Me' music video Please Don't Say You Love Me (2012)
Gabrielle Aplin
Director: Joshua Sanger

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as Focus Puller (3)

as 1st AC (1)

Kindness 'I'll Be Back' music video I'll Be Back (2015)
Production Company: Wanda
Director: Daniel Brereton

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