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Kasabian 'You're In Love With a Psycho' music video You're In Love With a Psycho (2017) Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: My Accomplice
Kasabian 'stevie' music video stevie (2014) Director: Ninian Doff
Kasabian 'Bumblebeee' music video Bumblebeee (2014) Director: Alex Courtes
Kasabian 'eez-eh' music video eez-eh (2014) Director: Aitor Throup
Production Company: Partizan
Kasabian 'Neon Noon' music video Neon Noon (2012) Director: Sergio Pizzorno
Kasabian 'Narcotic Farm II' music video Narcotic Farm II (2012) Director: Sergio Pizzorno
Kasabian 'Fantasy Man' music video Fantasy Man (2012)
Kasabian 'Man Of Simple Pleasures' music video Man Of Simple Pleasures (2012) Director: Aitor Throup
Kasabian 'Goodbye Kiss' music video Goodbye Kiss (2012) Director: Charlie Lightening
Kasabian 'Days Are Forgotten' music video Days Are Forgotten (2011) Director: AB/CD/CD
Kasabian 'Switchblade Smiles' music video Switchblade Smiles (2011) Director: Aitor Throup
Kasabian 'Re-Wired ' music video Re-Wired (2011) Director: Thomas Carty
Kasabian 'Vlad The Impaler' music video Vlad The Impaler (2009) Director: Richard Ayoade
Kasabian 'Underdog' music video Underdog (2009) Director: Charlie Lightening
Kasabian 'Fire' music video Fire (2009) Director: W.I.Z.
Kasabian 'Where Did All the Love Go?' music video Where Did All the Love Go? (2009) Director: Charles Mehling
Kasabian 'Me Plus One' music video Me Plus One (2006) Production Company: Factory Films
Director: Scott Lyon
Kasabian 'Shoot The Runner' music video Shoot The Runner (2006) Director: Alex & Martin
Production Company: Partizan
Kasabian 'Empire' music video Empire (2006) Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: Factory Films
Kasabian 'L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)' music video L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) (2005) Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Director: Bucky Fukumoto
Kasabian 'Cutt Off' music video Cutt Off (2004) Director: Simon & Jon
Production Company: Cops And Robbers
Kasabian 'Processed Beats' music video Processed Beats (2004) Director: Jason Smith
Kasabian 'Reason Is Treason' music video Reason Is Treason (2004) Director: Scott Lyon
Kasabian 'Club Foot' music video Club Foot (2004) Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Kasabian 'L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)' music video L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) (2004) Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.

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