Keaton Henson


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Keaton Henson 'Don't Swim' music video Don't Swim (2014) Director: João Nuno Pinto
Production Company: Delicatessen Filmes
Keaton Henson 'Healah Dancing' music video Healah Dancing (2014) Directors: Keaton Henson, Michael Nunn, William Trevitt
Production Company: Manilla Productions
Keaton Henson 'You' music video You (2013) Director: William Williamson
Keaton Henson 'Lying To You' music video Lying To You (2013) Director: Autumn de Wilde
Production Company: Ways & Means
Keaton Henson 'Kronos' music video Kronos (2012) Director: Martyn Thomas
Production Company: Stitchthat LTD
Keaton Henson 'Small Hands' music video Small Hands (2012) Director: Joseph Mann
Keaton Henson 'You Don't Know How Lucky You Are' music video You Don't Know How Lucky You Are (2011) Director: David Wilson
Keaton Henson 'Charon' music video Charon (2011) Director: David Wilson

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