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Liars 'Staring At Zero' music video Staring At Zero (2017) Director: Clemens Habicht
Liars 'Mask Maker' music video Mask Maker (2014) Directors: Zen Sekizawa, Ernesto Lomeli
Liars 'I'm No Gold' music video I'm No Gold (2014) Director: Laurie Lynch
Liars 'Pro Anti Anti' music video Pro Anti Anti (2014) Director: Yoonha Park
Liars 'Mess On A Mission' music video Mess On A Mission (2014) Director: Luis Cerveró
Production Company: Ways & Means
Liars 'WIXIW' music video WIXIW (2013) Director: Alex 2Tone
Production Company: WHAT YOU STEAL
Liars 'Brats' music video Brats (2012) Director: Ian Cheng
Liars 'No.1 Against The Rush' music video No.1 Against The Rush (2012) Director: Todd Cole
Liars 'Scissor' music video Scissor (2010) Director: Andy Bruntel
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Liars 'Plaster Casts of Everything' music video Plaster Casts of Everything (2007) Director: Patrick Daughters
Production Company: The Directors Bureau

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