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Logic 'Homicide' music video Homicide (2019) Director: James Larese
Logic '1-800-273-8255' music video 1-800-273-8255 (2017) Director: Andrew Hines
Logic 'Young Jesus' music video Young Jesus (2015) Director: Logic
Production Company: Canted Films Productions
Logic 'Under Pressure' music video Under Pressure (2014) Director: Stephen Mallett
Production Company: Green Glow
Logic 'Nasty' music video Nasty (2013) Director: GRVTY
Logic 'Walk On By' music video Walk On By (2013) Director: GRVTY
Logic 'Numbers' music video Numbers (2012)
Logic 'The Spotlight' music video The Spotlight (2012) Director: GRVTY
Logic 'Young Sinatra III' music video Young Sinatra III (2012) Director: GRVTY
Logic 'All I Do' music video All I Do (2011) Director: GRVTY
Logic 'Just Another Day' music video Just Another Day (2011) Director: GRVTY
Logic 'Mind Of Logic' music video Mind Of Logic (2011) Director: GRVTY

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