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Members: Wrekonize, Bernz, Gianni Cash, Nonymous

Member of: ¡Mursday!



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¡Mayday! 'All The Time' music video All The Time (2015)
¡Mayday! 'On That Jack' music video On That Jack (2014) Directors: Bernz, Wrekonize
¡Mayday! 'Mortuary Mary' music video Mortuary Mary (2013) Director: Steven Cartoccio
¡Mayday! 'Last One Standing' music video Last One Standing (2013) Director: Bernz
¡Mayday! 'Shortcuts & Dead Ends' music video Shortcuts & Dead Ends (2013) Director: Bernz
¡Mayday! 'My Life' music video My Life (2013) Director: Jokes
¡Mayday! 'HighRide' music video HighRide (2013) Director: Jokes
¡Mayday! 'Believers' music video Believers (2013) Director: Garcia
¡Mayday! 'Roaches Remix' music video Roaches Remix (2013) Directors: Bernz, Anthony Uribe
¡Mayday! 'The Barricade' music video The Barricade (2013) Director: Bernz
¡Mayday! 'Strange March' music video Strange March (2012) Director: Bernz
¡Mayday! 'Darker Shades' music video Darker Shades (2012) Directors: Bernz, Garcia
¡Mayday! 'Roaches' music video Roaches (2012) Director: Julian Yuri Rodriguez
Production Company: Borscht Corp.
¡Mayday! 'Hardcore Bitches' music video Hardcore Bitches (2012)
¡Mayday! 'Badlands' music video Badlands (2012)
¡Mayday! 'Lando's Jam' music video Lando's Jam (2012) Director: Rommel Garcia
¡Mayday! 'Death March' music video Death March (2012) Directors: Bernz, Wrekonize
¡Mayday! 'Groundhog Day (Remix)' music video Groundhog Day (Remix) (2011) Director: ¡Mayday!
¡Mayday! 'Highs & Lows' music video Highs & Lows (2011) Director: ¡Mayday!
¡Mayday! 'Pass The 45' music video Pass The 45 (2010) Director: Tim Warren
¡Mayday! 'Technology' music video Technology (2010) Director: Jokes
¡Mayday! 'I'll Be Gone' music video I'll Be Gone (2010) Director: Jokes
¡Mayday! 'The Future Is Now!!!' music video The Future Is Now!!! (2008)
¡Mayday! 'Macro' music video Macro (2008) Director: Mickey Perez

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