Michael Q. Schmidt

Michael Q. Schmidt

Music video performer and character    Carson, California 

Michael Q. Schmidt is a surprising newcomer to the industry. Since his first project in late 1999, he has made appearances in 30 feature films, 50 short films, 60 television appearances, numerous music videos and commercials, and 10 webisodes.


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Ferbus 'Where Do I Stand' music video Where Do I Stand (2017)
Appearance as Naked guy with scissors
The Buttertones 'Sadie's a Sadist' music video Sadie's a Sadist (2017)
The Buttertones
Appearance as Theater Slob
Bonus Maximus 'Trump Punisher' music video Trump Punisher (2016)
Bonus Maximus
Appearance as Trailer Trash Trump
Return 'Yanhan' music video Yanhan (2016)
Appearance as Fat Client, Gluttony
Body-san 'Picking Up Strange' music video Picking Up Strange (2016)
Appearance as Bacchus, Cuipd, & TheRealFuckwaker - Michael was sole cast member and reprised multiple roles reflecting his work as a fine arts model and over-the-top actor
Note: Michael was sole cast member and reprised multiple roles reflecting his work as a fine arts model and over-the-top actor
Matt Darey 'The Beast' music video The Beast (2016)
Matt Darey
Appearance as Fat Man Enjoying Hell
Mount Moriah 'Baby Blue' music video Baby Blue (2016)
Mount Moriah
Appearance as Naked man with game
Wendy Ho 'F*ck Me' music video F*ck Me (2015)
Wendy Ho
Appearance as Pool Man
SadGirl 'Norma and Jessica' music video Norma and Jessica (2015)
Appearance as Cult Member
Charming Liars 'Burn' music video Burn (2015)
Charming Liars
Appearance as Bikini Man
Brenna Rhea 'According To' music video According To (2015)
Brenna Rhea
Appearance as Man in bikini
Toby Keith 'Drunk Americans' music video Drunk Americans (2014)
Toby Keith
Appearance as Norm/Stadium Fan/Santa/Fat Elvis
Waters 'I Feel Everything' music video I Feel Everything (2014)
Appearance as Man in underwear
Tokio Hotel 'Love Who Loves You Back' music video Love Who Loves You Back (2014)
Tokio Hotel
Appearance as The Lone Lover
Lil' Debbie 'Work The Middle' music video Work The Middle (2014)
Lil' Debbie
Appearance as Boris in the tub
Mister Goodnite 'Dominator' music video Dominator (2014)
Mister Goodnite
Appearance as Man into Demon
Azad Right 'Self Made' music video Self Made (2014)
Azad Right
Appearance as Mafia Boss
Trentemøller 'Gravity' music video Gravity (2014)
Califone 'Frosted Tips' music video Frosted Tips (2013)
Appearance as Horny Man in window
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside 'They Told Me' music video They Told Me (2013)
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
Motionless In White 'America' music video America (2013)
Motionless In White
Appearance as Chicken King
Slugabed 'Bombok' music video Bombok (2013)
Flesh-N-Bone 'How Many' music video How Many (2012)
Appearance as Gluttony
Pierce The Veil 'King for a Day' music video King for a Day (2012)
Pierce The Veil
Appearance as Evil Banker Hubert Smalls
Tyga 'Diamond Life' music video Diamond Life (2012)
Appearance as Fat man being chopped Up
Mike Capes 'Freshman 15' music video Freshman 15 (2011)
Mike Capes
Appearance as Body Double
Escape The Fate 'Gorgeous Nightmare' music video Gorgeous Nightmare (2011)
Escape The Fate
Appearance as Gluttony
Yuck 'Shook Down' music video Shook Down (2011)
Appearance as Long-haired fat man
Tohm Lev 'Legalize Nudity' music video Legalize Nudity (2011)
Tohm Lev
Appearance as Militant Nudist
Noel Schajris 'Momentos' music video Momentos (2010)
Noel Schajris
Appearance as Circus Strongman
3OH!3 'Touchin On My' music video Touchin On My (2010)
Appearance as Naked Cook
Maximum Balloon 'Groove Me' music video Groove Me (2010)
Maximum Balloon
Appearance as Angel
M.I.A. 'Born Free' music video Born Free (2010)
Appearance as Naked Man
Les Savy Fav 'Sleepless in Silverlake' music video Sleepless in Silverlake (2010)
Les Savy Fav
Appearance as Oliver Hardy
Colt Jackson 'I Love Weed' music video I Love Weed (2010)
Colt Jackson
Appearance as Pot-Smoking Hippie
The Moog 'When I See You' music video When I See You (2010)
The Moog
Appearance as Man in Wifebeater
Prefuse 73 'Aborted Hugs' music video Aborted Hugs (2010)
Prefuse 73
Appearance as Zoetrope Master
Banjo Or Freakout 'Upside Down' music video Upside Down (2009)
Banjo Or Freakout
Appearance as Blue Man
Fred Figglehorn 'Christmas Cash' music video Christmas Cash (2009)
Fred Figglehorn
Appearance as Santa Claus
Toby Keith 'American Ride' music video American Ride (2009)
Toby Keith
Appearance as Slob Husband
Cascada 'What Do You Want From Me' music video What Do You Want From Me (2007)
Appearance as Thong Guy
Liars 'Plaster Casts of Everything' music video Plaster Casts of Everything (2007)
Appearance as Naked Runner
The Bumblebeez 'Dr Love' music video Dr Love (2007)
The Bumblebeez
Appearance as Road Dawg
Skinnen Bones MC 'Naked Pool Party' music video Naked Pool Party (2007)
Skinnen Bones MC
Appearance as Outraged Homeowner
Kennedy 'Hillbilly Witchcraft' music video Hillbilly Witchcraft (2006)
Appearance as Hillbilly Pappy
As Fast As 'Florida Sunshine' music video Florida Sunshine (2006)
As Fast As
Appearance as White Trash
Aria 'Beauty' music video Beauty (2006)
Appearance as Slick Player
Koufax 'Isabelle' music video Isabelle (2005)
Appearance as Sad Cook
Tycho 'Dictaphone's Lament' music video Dictaphone's Lament (2005)
Appearance as Man in Ocean

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