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MIKA 'Sanremo' music video Sanremo (2019)
Director: W.I.Z.
Formation 'A Friend' music video A Friend (2017)
Director: Davis Silis
Production Company: Bullion Productions
Aquilo 'Calling Me' music video Calling Me (2015)
Director: Davis Silis
Production Company: Bullion Productions
Don Broco 'You Wanna Know' music video You Wanna Know (2013)
Don Broco
Director: Daniel Broadley
Production Company: Kode Media
Amber 'Noah' music video Noah (2013)
Director: Joshua Sanger
Charlene Soraia 'Broken' music video Broken (2013)
Charlene Soraia
Director: Joshua Sanger
Elro 'Real World' music video Real World (2013)
The Strypes 'Hometown Girls' music video Hometown Girls (2013)
The Strypes
Director: Finn Keenan
Crowns 'Four Walls' music video Four Walls (2013)
Director: Rob Jelley
Youth Kills 'Time Is Now' music video Time Is Now (2012)
Youth Kills
Director: Emma Swinton
Rick David 'This Time' music video This Time (2012)
Rick David
Director: Emma Swinton
Production Company: Soup Factory
Gabrielle Aplin 'Please Don't Say You Love Me' music video Please Don't Say You Love Me (2012)
Gabrielle Aplin
Director: Joshua Sanger
David Ford (3) 'Making Up For Lost Time' music video Making Up For Lost Time (2010)
David Ford (3)
Director: Doyle Hooper

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