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MIKA 'Dear Jealousy' music video Dear Jealousy (2019) Director: Charles Todd
MIKA 'Tomorrow' music video Tomorrow (2019) Director: Charles Todd
MIKA 'Sanremo' music video Sanremo (2019) Director: W.I.Z.
MIKA 'Tiny Love' music video Tiny Love (2019) Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: My Accomplice
MIKA 'Ice Cream' music video Ice Cream (2019) Director: Francesco Calabrese
Production Company: Birth TV
MIKA 'Hurts (Remix)' music video Hurts (Remix) (2016) Director: Ivan Cotroneo
Production Companies: Indigo Film, Titanus
MIKA 'Good Guys' music video Good Guys (2015) Director: KT Auleta
MIKA 'Talk About You' music video Talk About You (2015) Director: KT Auleta
MIKA 'Last Party' music video Last Party (2015) Director: Peter Lindbergh
MIKA 'Boum Boum Boum' music video Boum Boum Boum (2014) Director: Jonathan Lia
Production Company: Good Company
MIKA 'Popular Song' music video Popular Song (2013) Director: Chris Marrs Piliero
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
MIKA 'Underwater' music video Underwater (2012) Director: Alex Southam
Production Companies: Agile Films, Revel Pictures
MIKA 'Celebrate' music video Celebrate (2012) Director: BB Gun
MIKA 'Elle me dit' music video Elle me dit (2011) Director: Kinga Burza
Production Company: Partizan
MIKA 'Kick Ass (We Are Young)' music video Kick Ass (We Are Young) (2010) Director: Jim Canty
MIKA 'Rain' music video Rain (2009) Director: Nez
MIKA 'Blame It On The Girls' music video Blame It On The Girls (2009) Director: Nez
MIKA 'We Are Golden' music video We Are Golden (2009) Director: Jonas Ã…kerlund
MIKA 'Love Today' music video Love Today (2007) Director: Sophie Muller
MIKA 'Lollipop' music video Lollipop (2007) Director: Bonzom
MIKA 'Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)' music video Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (2007) Director: Patrick Daughters
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
MIKA 'Grace Kelly' music video Grace Kelly (2006) Director: Sophie Muller
Production Company: Factory Films
MIKA 'Relax, Take It Easy' music video Relax, Take It Easy (2006)
MIKA 'Happy Ending' music video Happy Ending (2006) Director: AlexandLiane
MIKA 'Relax, Take It Easy' music video Relax, Take It Easy (2006) Director: Airside

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