Ryan Kron Thompson


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Poliça 'Agree' music video Agree (2018)
Director: Maria Juranic
Sylvan Esso 'PARAD(w/m)E' music video PARAD(w/m)E (2018)
Sylvan Esso
Director: Dan Huiting
Production Companies: Kobamm Productions, Meow Wolf
The Devil Wears Prada 'To The Key Of Evergreen' music video To The Key Of Evergreen (2016)
The Devil Wears Prada
Director: Maria Juranic
Har Mar Superstar 'It Was Only Dancing (Sex)' music video It Was Only Dancing (Sex) (2016)
Har Mar Superstar
Directors: Isaac Gale, David Jensen
Fraea 'Criminal' music video Criminal (2016)
Director: Maria Juranic
Elliot Moss 'Big Bad Wolf' music video Big Bad Wolf (2016)
Elliot Moss
Directors: Maria Juranic, Ryan Kron Thompson
Poliça 'Wedding' music video Wedding (2016)
Director: Isaac Gale
Carnage The Executioner 'Minnesota Mean' music video Minnesota Mean (2016)
Carnage The Executioner
Director: Paul von Stoetzel
Production Company: Killing Joke Films
Prof 'Motel' music video Motel (2015)
Directors: Ryan Kron Thompson, Prof
Mike Mictlan 'CLAPP'D' music video CLAPP'D (2015)
Mike Mictlan
Director: Ryan Kron Thompson
Doomtree 'Beastface' music video Beastface (2015)
Director: Isaac Gale
Jon Jones 'The One That Isn't True' music video The One That Isn't True (2015)
Jon Jones
Director: Nicholas Larkins Perez
Lizzo 'Let 'Em Say' music video Let 'Em Say (2014)
Director: Ryan Kron Thompson
Dessa 'Fighting Fish (The Hood Internet Remix)' music video Fighting Fish (The Hood Internet Remix) (2014)
Directors: David Jensen, Isaac Gale
Tickle Torture 'You're Gonna Be My Baby' music video You're Gonna Be My Baby (2014)
Tickle Torture
Director: Ryan Kron Thompson
Dessa 'Fighting Fish' music video Fighting Fish (2014)
Directors: Isaac Gale, David Jensen
Marijuana Deathsquads 'Ewok Sadness' music video Ewok Sadness (2014)
Marijuana Deathsquads
Director: Isaac Gale
Poliça 'Warrior Lord' music video Warrior Lord (2013)
Directors: Isaac Gale, David Jensen
The Cloak Ox 'Pigeon Lung' music video Pigeon Lung (2013)
The Cloak Ox
Director: Isaac Gale
Mike Mictlan 'WZRD Science' music video WZRD Science (2013)
Mike Mictlan
Directors: Isaac Gale, David Jensen
Colin Stetson 'Who The Waves Are Roaring For' music video Who The Waves Are Roaring For (2013)
Colin Stetson
Directors: Isaac Gale, David Jensen
Low 'Just Make It Stop' music video Just Make It Stop (2013)
Director: Phil Harder
Prof 'Moron' music video Moron (2012)
Directors: Ryan Kron Thompson, Adam J. Dunn
Night Moves 'Country Queen' music video Country Queen (2012)
Night Moves
Directors: Isaac Gale, David Jensen
Production Company: Permanent ADG
Mike Mictlan 'Spicy Peen' music video Spicy Peen (2012)
Mike Mictlan
Directors: Daniel Hoffstrom, Mike Mictlan, Ryan Kron Thompson

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