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Poliça 'Driving' music video Driving (2019) Director: Isaac Gale
Poliça 'How Is This Happening' music video How Is This Happening (2018) Director: Kron
Poliça 'Agree' music video Agree (2018) Director: Maria Juranic
Poliça 'Lipstick Stains' music video Lipstick Stains (2017) Director: Adam Dunn
Poliça 'Wedding' music video Wedding (2016) Director: Isaac Gale
Poliça 'Lime Habit' music video Lime Habit (2015) Director: The Sunset People
Poliça 'Raw Exit' music video Raw Exit (2015)
Poliça 'Raw Exit' music video Raw Exit (2014) Director: Isaac Gale
Poliça 'I Need $ / So Leave' music video I Need $ / So Leave (2014) Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Poliça 'Warrior Lord' music video Warrior Lord (2013) Directors: Isaac Gale, David Jensen
Poliça 'Shulamith' music video Shulamith (2013)
Poliça 'Tiff' music video Tiff (2013) Directors: Nabil, Mike Piscitelli
Poliça 'Dark Star' music video Dark Star (2012) Director: Isaac Gale
Production Company: Permanent ADG
Poliça 'Amongster' music video Amongster (2012) Director: Roberto Cinardi
Production Company: Claw Films
Poliça 'Wandering Star' music video Wandering Star (2012)
Poliça 'Lay Your Cards Out' music video Lay Your Cards Out (2011) Directors: Chris Hadland, Hannah Fidell, JoLynn Garnes

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