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Tegan and Sara



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Tegan and Sara 'Dying To Know' music video Dying To Know (2016) Director: Nathan Boey
Tegan and Sara 'Stop Desire' music video Stop Desire (2016) Director: Allister Ann
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts
Tegan and Sara 'White Knuckles' music video White Knuckles (2016) Director: Minister Akins
Tegan and Sara 'Hang on to the Night' music video Hang on to the Night (2016) Director: Lisa Hanawalt
Tegan and Sara 'Faint Of Heart' music video Faint Of Heart (2016) Director: Devon Kirkpatrick
Production Company: Speed of Joy Productions
Tegan and Sara 'BWU' music video BWU (2016) Director: Clea DuVall
Tegan and Sara '100x' music video 100x (2016) Director: Jess Rona
Tegan and Sara 'U-turn' music video U-turn (2016) Director: Seth Bogart
Tegan and Sara 'Boyfriend' music video Boyfriend (2016) Director: Clea DuVall
Tegan and Sara 'Everything Is Awesome' music video Everything Is Awesome (2014)
Tegan and Sara 'Goodbye, Goodbye' music video Goodbye, Goodbye (2013) Director: Natalie Rae Robison
Tegan and Sara 'I Was A Fool' music video I Was A Fool (2013) Director: Shane Drake
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Tegan and Sara 'Closer' music video Closer (2012) Director: Isaac Rentz
Production Company: More Media
Tegan and Sara 'Northshore' music video Northshore (2010) Director: Angela Kendall
Tegan and Sara 'On Directing' music video On Directing (2010) Director: Angela Kendall
Production Company: Insider Films
Tegan and Sara 'Hell' music video Hell (2009) Director: Jamie Travis
Tegan and Sara 'Call It Off' music video Call It Off (2008) Director: Angela Kendall
Tegan and Sara 'The Con' music video The Con (2008) Director: Suzie Vlcek
Tegan and Sara 'Back In Your Head' music video Back In Your Head (2007) Director: Jamie Travis
Production Company: Revolver Films
Tegan and Sara 'Living Room' music video Living Room
Tegan and Sara 'Monday Monday Monday' music video Monday Monday Monday
Tegan and Sara 'I Hear Noises' music video I Hear Noises
Tegan and Sara 'The First' music video The First
Tegan and Sara 'Alligator' music video Alligator
Tegan and Sara 'Speak Slow' music video Speak Slow
Tegan and Sara '120 Seconds' music video 120 Seconds
Tegan and Sara 'Walking With A Ghost' music video Walking With A Ghost

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