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Tei Shi 'Johnny (Español)' music video Johnny (Español) (2020)
Tei Shi 'Die 4 Ur Love' music video Die 4 Ur Love (2020)
Tei Shi 'Alone In The Universe' music video Alone In The Universe (2019)
Tei Shi 'Even If It Hurts' music video Even If It Hurts (2019) Director: Cara Stricker
Tei Shi 'Say You Do' music video Say You Do (2017) Director: Bradley & Pablo
Tei Shi 'How Far' music video How Far (2017) Director: DREAMTIGER
Tei Shi 'Keep Running' music video Keep Running (2017) Director: Agostina Gálvez
Tei Shi 'Get It' music video Get It (2015) Director: DREAMTIGER
Tei Shi 'See Me' music video See Me (2015) Directors: DREAMTIGER, Jonathan Wing
Tei Shi 'Bassically' music video Bassically (2015) Director: Nicolas Pesce
Tei Shi 'Nevermind The End' music video Nevermind The End (2014) Director: Nicolas Pesce
Tei Shi 'M&Ms' music video M&Ms (2013) Director: Mac Boucher

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