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The Masses


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Daughn Gibson 'Daddy I Cut My Hair' music video Daddy I Cut My Hair (2015)
Daughn Gibson
Director: Matt Amato
Adventure Time 'Sea of Tranquility' music video Sea of Tranquility (2014)
Adventure Time
Director: Alex Pelly
Henry Wolfe 'Encino' music video Encino (2014)
Henry Wolfe
Director: Benjamin Kutsko
Chris Lake 'Helium' music video Helium (2014)
Chris Lake
Director: Alex Pelly
Lady Lazarus 'Wonder, Inc.' music video Wonder, Inc. (2013)
Lady Lazarus
Director: Alex Pelly
PYYRAMIDS 'Invisible Scream' music video Invisible Scream (2013)
Director: Benjamin Kutsko
Youngblood Hawke 'Dannyboy' music video Dannyboy (2013)
Youngblood Hawke
Director: Alex Pelly
TOKiMONSTA 'Clean Slate' music video Clean Slate (2013)
Director: fourclops
San Fermin 'Sonsick' music video Sonsick (2013)
San Fermin
Director: Benjamin Kutsko
Sweatson Klank 'Contemplate' music video Contemplate (2013)
Sweatson Klank
Director: Matt Amato
Talib Kweli 'Come Here' music video Come Here (2013)
Talib Kweli
Director: Galen Pehrson
Biffy Clyro 'Opposite' music video Opposite (2013)
Biffy Clyro
Director: Elliott Sellers
Meg Myers 'Heart Heart Head' music video Heart Heart Head (2013)
Meg Myers
Director: Elliott Sellers
Crystal Fighters 'You & I' music video You & I (2013)
Crystal Fighters
Director: Elliott Sellers
Ace Reporter 'Untouched & Arrived' music video Untouched & Arrived (2013)
Ace Reporter
Director: Elliott Sellers
Yuna 'Live Your Life (TWINSMATIC Remix)' music video Live Your Life (TWINSMATIC Remix) (2013)
Director: fourclops
Sumsun 'New Piano' music video New Piano (2013)
Director: Alex Pelly
Death Grips 'True Vulture' music video True Vulture (2012)
Death Grips
Director: Galen Pehrson
Barbra Streisand 'I Think It's Going To Rain Today' music video I Think It's Going To Rain Today (2012)
Barbra Streisand
Director: Matt Amato
Tilly And The Wall 'Defenders' music video Defenders (2012)
Tilly And The Wall
Director: Ben Fee
Data/Debt 'Resistor' music video Resistor (2012)
Director: Alex Pelly
E.S.P 'Serenade' music video Serenade (2012)
Director: Alex Pelly
Knife Party 'Centipede' music video Centipede (2012)
Knife Party
Director: Elliott Sellers
Hot Water Music 'State of Grace' music video State of Grace (2012)
Hot Water Music
Director: June Zandona
Black City Lights 'Parallels' music video Parallels (2012)
Black City Lights
Director: Marc Josef Bertel
Augustines 'Juarez' music video Juarez (2012)
Director: Matt Amato
Dry The River 'New Ceremony' music video New Ceremony (2012)
Dry The River
Director: Raul B Fernandez
Madi Diaz 'Let's Go' music video Let's Go (2011)
Madi Diaz
Director: Matt Amato
Puggy 'How I Needed You' music video How I Needed You (2011)
Director: Benjamin Kutsko
Smoking Smoking 'Are We Lucky?' music video Are We Lucky? (2011)
Smoking Smoking
Director: Mark Maggiori
We The Kings 'We'll Be A Dream' music video We'll Be A Dream (2010)
We The Kings
Director: Raul B Fernandez
Ima Robot 'Lovers in Captivity' music video Lovers in Captivity (2006)
Ima Robot
Director: Matt Amato
Augustines 'Book Of James' music video Book Of James
Director: Matt Amato
60 Watt Kid 'Take The Pain Out Of Your Chest' music video Take The Pain Out Of Your Chest
60 Watt Kid
Director: Matt Amato
Busdriver 'Kiss Me Back to Life' music video Kiss Me Back to Life
Director: Chris Coats
Sister Crayon 'Souls of Gold' music video Souls of Gold
Sister Crayon
Director: Ariana Natale
Mia Doi Todd 'Night of a Thousand Kisses' music video Night of a Thousand Kisses
Mia Doi Todd
Director: Matt Amato

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