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Willow 'Why Don't You Cry' music video Why Don't You Cry (2015) Director: Mike Vargas
Willow 'F Q-C #7' music video F Q-C #7 (2015) Directors: Willow, Mike Vargas
Willow 'Wit A Indigo' music video Wit A Indigo (2015) Director: Ben Tan
Willow 'Summer Fling' music video Summer Fling (2013) Directors: Willow, Mike Vargas
Willow 'Rockstar' music video Rockstar (2012) Director: Willow
Willow 'I Am Me' music video I Am Me (2012) Director: Mike Vargas
Willow '21st Century Girl' music video 21st Century Girl (2011) Director: Rich Lee
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Willow 'Fireball' music video Fireball (2011) Director: Hype Williams
Willow 'Whip My Hair' music video Whip My Hair (2010) Director: Ray Kay

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