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Xzibit 'Up Out The Way' music video Up Out The Way (2012) Director: Matt Alonzo
Xzibit 'Napalm' music video Napalm (2012) Director: Matt Alonzo
Xzibit 'De Man on the Moon' music video De Man on the Moon (2011) Director: Matt Alonzo
Xzibit 'Hurt Locker' music video Hurt Locker (2010) Director: Matt Alonzo
Xzibit 'Phenom' music video Phenom (2010)
Xzibit 'Concentrate' music video Concentrate (2006) Director: Director X
Xzibit 'Hey Now (Mean Muggin)' music video Hey Now (Mean Muggin) (2004)
Xzibit 'Symphony in X Minor' music video Symphony in X Minor (2002) Director: Joe Hahn
Xzibit 'X' music video X (2000) Director: Dave Meyers
Xzibit 'What U See Is What U Get' music video What U See Is What U Get (1998) Director: Gregory Dark

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