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Atoms For Peace 'Before Your Very Eyes' Music Video

Before Your Very Eyes (2013)
by Atoms For Peace

ElectronicDance & Electronic


Andrew Thomas Huang
Director of Photography
Laura Merians
Production Companies
Good Company
Colonel Blimp
Brian Welsh,  Executive Producer
Jonathan Lia,  Executive Producer
Ryan Heiferman,  Executive Producer
Brian Welsh,  Producer
Matt Marsh,  Producer
Video Commissioner
Phil Lee
Record Label
XL Recordings
Production Design
Rebecca Stillman,  Production Designer
James Bamford,  Colorist - @ The Mill
Art Department
Adrian Romo,  Art Director
Visual Effects
James Healy,  VFX


Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2014 UK MVAsBest Alternative Video - UKWon
Best Visual Effects In a VideoNominated


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