Avril Lavigne 'Rock N Roll' Music Video

Rock N Roll (2013)
by Avril Lavigne





Chris Marrs Piliero
Director of Photography
Rob Witt
Chris Marrs Piliero
Chris Marrs Piliero
Production Company
DNA, Inc.
Missy Galanida,  Executive Producer
David Naylor,  Executive Producer
Michele Lawrence,  Producer
Isaac Rice,  Associate Producer
Video Commissioner
Samantha Lecca
Video Rep.
Tommy LaBuda

Danica McKellar

Avril Lavigne

Billy Zane

Sid Wilson

Sgt. Terror

Matt Brady

Mother F---king Bearshark


Herkimer T. Dog

Diep Tran

Girl Who Doesn't Do A Whole Lot To Stop Avril From Cutting Up Her Clothes

Brielle Hubert

Mom Who Doesn't Do That Great of a Job Holding on To Her Baby

Bo Toxicuh

Diner Rocker

Azmyth Kaminski

Diner Rocker

Jennifer Barbosa

Diner Rocker

Kelechi Chukwuacho

Diner Rocker

Brandyn Bailey

Diner Rocker

Production Management
Matthieu Dahdah,  Production Supervisor
Kristi Heicke,  Production Coordinator
Radience Salem,  Video Production Manager
Ryan Orenstein,  1st Assistant Director
Shawn Alexander,  2nd Assistant Director
Mitch Dequilettes,  AD PA
Production Design
Christian Corio,  Set Dresser
Spencer Graves,  Set Dresser
KC Lauf,  Set Dresser
Logan Noh,  Set Dresser
Miles Carrington,  Set Dresser
Brett Bach,  Sound Designer
Ken Cain,  Sound Designer
Sound Brigade,  Sound Designer
Justino Martinez,  Sound
Camera Department
Derek C. Edwards,  1st Assistant Camera
Samantha Smith,  2nd Assistant Camera
Chris Stalsworth,  Best Boy
Ari Robbins,  Steadicam Operator
Makeup and Hair
Nikita Parisi,  Hair Assistant
Prescilliana De Anda,  Hair Assistant
Stephanie Kilmer,  Hair and Make Up Artist
Gabriel Panduro,  Hair and Make Up Artist - Avril
Costume and Wardrobe
Dawn Ritz,  Wardrobe Stylist
Shab Mohammad,  Wardrobe Stylist - Avril
Galen Beers,  Wardrobe Assistant
Art Department
Alex Delgado,  Art Director
Sota Productions,  Practical Bear Shark Head
Duane Russell,  Construction
Guy Menano,  Construction
Chad Tomlinson,  Lead Man
Chad Bailey,  Art Department Coordinator
Casting Department
David Kang,  Background Casting
Melissa Delizia,  Main Talent Casting
Post-Production Department
Bill Pollock,  Post Enhancements
Bonch,  Post Enhancements
Visual Effects
Sabour Amirazodi,  VFX - Bearshark
Jason Kummerfeldt,  VFX - Billy Zane
Kurt Nishimura,  VFX - Car Crash
Cameron Clark,  Motion Animations
Nick Nix,  Comic Book Inks
Lucas Culshaw,  Comic Book Illustrations
Electrical Department
Bradford Jameson,  Gaffer
Nicholas McFarland,  Best Boy Electric
Grip Department
Phil Sperry,  Key Grip
Dennis Garcia,  Grip Driver
Wade Little,  FSO
Antonio Marcos,  Craft Service
Jim Dillard,  Police Officer
Brian Dow,  Police Officer
Steve Martinez,  Water Truck Driver
Terrance Marin,  Bus Driver
RJ Anderson,  Bus Manager
Chris Machado,  Gang Boss
Production Support
Frepil Custodio,  VTR
Jeff Rivera,  Production Assistant
Jamin Rodgers,  Production Assistant
Tinahse Nyatanga,  Production Assistant
Chris Efstathiou,  Production Assistant
Michelle Matteo,  Production Assistant
Atena Assiaee,  Production Assistant
Jossum Redha,  Production Assistant
Matthew Lecca,  Intern


Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2014 MMVAsInternational Video of the Year By a CanadianNominated


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