Bart Simpson 'Do The Bartman' Music Video

Do The Bartman (1990)
by Bart Simpson


Brad Bird
Don Barrozo
Alexandra Kemenyiczki
Bryan Loren
Production Companies
Gracie Films
20th Century Fox Television
Michael Chambers
Gabor Csupo,  Executive Producer - Animation
James L. Brooks,  Executive Producer
Matt Groening,  Executive Producer
Sam Simon,  Executive Producer
Richard Sakai,  Producer
Larina Jean Adamson,  Producer
Sherry Gunther,  Producer - Animation
Csaba Varga,  Producer - Varga Studios
Andras Erkel,  Producer - Varga Studios
Szavo Sztilkovics,  Producer - Varga Studios
Ken Tsumura,  Associate Producer

Dan Castellaneta

Julie Kavner

Nancy Cartwright

Yeardley Smith

Harry Shearer

Pamela Hayden

Marcia Wallace

Gregg Vanzo,  Assistant Director
Production Design
Jeff Lynch,  Storyboard Artist
Brad Bird,  Storyboard Artist
Gregg Vanzo,  Storyboard Artist
Paul Roby,  Audio Mix
Paul Hill,  Tape Operator
Camera Department
Istvan Gabos,  Camera Operator
Peter Marosvolgyi,  Camera Operator
Gyongy Magyar,  Camera Operator
Karoly Szigeti,  Camera Operator
Post-Production Department
Peter Sternlicht,  Online Editor
Lazlo Balajthy,  Animator
Zoltan Lehotay,  Animator
Katalin More,  Animator
Andras Pavlovics,  Animator
Peter Tenkei,  Animator
Sandor Vago,  Animator
Edit Hernadi,  Animator
Gabor Matyi,  Animator
Beat Olajos,  Animator
Istavan Szabados,  Animator
Lajos Toth,  Animator
Erica Varga,  Animator
Zoltan Vitalis,  Animator
Matt Groening,  Character Design
Sam Simon,  Character Design
Dave Karoll,  Background Artist
Pete Michels,  Background Artist
Young Kim,  Background Artist
Matthew Nastuk,  Background Artist
Debbie A. Silver,  Background Artist
Klasky-Csupo, Inc.,  Animation Production Company
Varga Studios,  Animation Production Company - Associated
Julia Kim,  Animation Production Coordinator
Mike Anderson,  Character Layouts
Kelly James,  Character Layouts
Noah Miller,  Character Layouts
Chris Rickoski,  Character Layouts
Tricia Garcia,  Character Layouts
Jeff Lynch,  Character Layouts
Jeff Pidgeon,  Character Layouts
David Silverman,  Character Layouts
Eric Stefani,  Character Layouts
Dale Hendrickson,  Character Design Supervisor
David Silverman,  Character Design Supervisor
Samantha Harrison,  Color Design Supervisor
Carol Wyatt,  Color Design Supervisor
Paul Fetler,  Color Design
Daniel Harris,  Color Design
Viktoria Tarr,  Color Design
Lance Wilder,  Background Design
Nancy Kruse,  Background Supervisor
Kim Taylor,  Background Cleanup Supervisor
Jefferson R. Weekly,  Background Cleanup Supervisor
Sue Bielenberg,  Background Cleanup
Mike Camarillo,  Background Cleanup
Jen Kamerman,  Background Cleanup
Andrew Brandon,  Background Cleanup
Lynna Johnson,  Background Cleanup
Rick Salonga,  Background Cleanup
Doug Yurchey,  Background Cleanup
Kent Holaday,  Lip Sync
Andrea Demeter,  Key Assistant
Maria Imre,  Key Assistant
Andrea Martinecz,  Key Assistant
Zoltan Szalay,  Key Assistant
Eva Farago,  Key Assistant
Klara Kalman,  Key Assistant
Gabriella Prunner,  Key Assistant
Tunde Takacs,  Key Assistant
Maria Zsebenyi,  Key Assistant
Zsuzsa Bulyaki,  Ink and Paint
Marggarut Fejes,  Ink and Paint
Rita Gotz,  Ink and Paint
Gabriella Gyorossy,  Ink and Paint
Andrea Koczan,  Ink and Paint
Ildiko Magda,  Ink and Paint
Mrs. Mirk,  Ink and Paint
Katalin Petenyi,  Ink and Paint
Maria Simon,  Ink and Paint
Maria Cegledi,  Ink and Paint
Erica Gal,  Ink and Paint
Annamaria Gyednar,  Ink and Paint
Katalin Hegyeshalmi,  Ink and Paint
Edina Kover,  Ink and Paint
Mrs. Major,  Ink and Paint
Mrs. Nanasi,  Ink and Paint
Edit Sarkanay,  Ink and Paint
Marianna Szily,  Ink and Paint
Veronika Toth,  Ink and Paint


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