Music Videos Released in 1990 (549)

Céline Dion '(If There Was) Any Other Way' music video

(If There Was) Any Other Way (Version 2) (1990)

Céline Dion

The Rave-Ups '(Respectfully) King of Rain' music video

(Respectfully) King of Rain (1990)

The Rave-Ups

Belinda Carlisle '(We Want) The Same Thing' music video

(We Want) The Same Thing (1990)

Belinda Carlisle

N.W.A. '100 Miles and Runnin' music video

100 Miles and Runnin (1990)


The Stranglers '96 Tears' music video

96 Tears (1990)

The Stranglers

Soul II Soul 'A Dream's A Dream' music video

A Dream's A Dream (1990)

Soul II Soul

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 'A Face In The Crowd' music video

A Face In The Crowd (1990)

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

Fish 'A Gentleman's Excuse Me' music video

A Gentleman's Excuse Me (1990)


Dana Dane 'A little Bit of Dane tonight' music video

A little Bit of Dane tonight (1990)

Dana Dane

Corey Hart 'A Little Love' music video

A Little Love (1990)

Corey Hart

Judas Priest 'A Touch Of Evil' music video

A Touch Of Evil (1990)

Judas Priest

Bruce Hornsby And The Range 'Across The River' music video

Across The River (1990)

Bruce Hornsby And The Range

Tears For Fears 'Advice for the Young at Heart' music video

Advice for the Young at Heart (1990)

Tears For Fears

Blue Rodeo 'After The Rain' music video

After The Rain (1990)

Blue Rodeo

The Pointer Sisters 'After You' music video

After You (1990)

The Pointer Sisters

Jody Watley 'After You, Who?' music video

After You, Who? (1990)

Jody Watley

Mr. Big 'Alive and Kickin'' music video

Alive and Kickin' (1990)

Mr. Big

Heart 'All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You' music video

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You (1990)


The Lightning Seeds 'All I Want' music video

All I Want (1990)

The Lightning Seeds

Paul McCartney 'All My Trials' music video

All My Trials (1990)

Paul McCartney

Phil Collins 'All of My Life' music video

All of My Life (1990)

Phil Collins

Whitney Houston 'All The Man That I Need' music video

All The Man That I Need (1990)

Whitney Houston

The Rolling Stones 'Almost Hear You Sigh' music video

Almost Hear You Sigh (1990)

The Rolling Stones

The Big F 'Alpert Tango' music video

Alpert Tango (1990)

The Big F

Janet Jackson 'Alright' music video

Alright (1990)

Janet Jackson

Razor (2) 'American Luck' music video

American Luck (1990)


808 State 'Ancodia' music video

Ancodia (1990)

808 State

Billy Joel 'And So It Goes' music video

And So It Goes (1990)

Billy Joel

Icehouse 'Anything Is Possible' music video

Anything Is Possible (1990)


Bone Club 'Apple' music video

Apple (1990)

Bone Club

Alphaville 'Ariana' music video

Ariana (1990)


Firangiz Ragimbekova 'Around The Circle' music video

Around The Circle (1990)

Firangiz Ragimbekova

Robert Forster 'Baby Stones' music video

Baby Stones (1990)

Robert Forster

Social Distortion 'Ball and Chain' music video

Ball and Chain (1990)

Social Distortion

Brenda Kahn 'Ballad Of Ridge Street' music video

Ballad Of Ridge Street (Version 1) (1990)

Brenda Kahn

Brenda Kahn 'Ballad Of Ridge Street' music video

Ballad Of Ridge Street (Version 2) (1990)

Brenda Kahn

Corey Hart 'Bang (Starting Over)' music video

Bang (Starting Over) (1990)

Corey Hart

2 Live Crew 'Banned In The U.S.A.' music video

Banned In The U.S.A. (1990)

2 Live Crew

Arcangel 'Barcelona' music video

Barcelona (1990)


King Sun 'Be Black' music video

Be Black (1990)

King Sun

Tina Turner 'Be Tender With Me Baby' music video

Be Tender With Me Baby (1990)

Tina Turner

Yngwie Malmsteen 'Bedroom Eyes' music video

Bedroom Eyes (1990)

Yngwie Malmsteen

Jane's Addiction 'Been Caught Stealing' music video

Been Caught Stealing (1990)

Jane's Addiction

Pet Shop Boys 'Being Boring' music video

Being Boring (1990)

Pet Shop Boys

Kylie Minogue 'Better The Devil You Know' music video

Better The Devil You Know (1990)

Kylie Minogue