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MGMT 'Cool Song No. 2' Music Video

Cool Song No. 2 (2013)





Isaiah Seret
Director of Photography
Bradford Young
Luke Lynch
Isaiah Seret
Mindy Le Brock
Production Company
Candice Ouaknine,  Executive Producer
Braxton Pope,  Producer
Mindy Le Brock,  Creative Director
Video Commissioner
Bryan Younce
Video Rep.
Jamie Kohn Rabineau

Michael Kenneth Williams

Henry Hopper

Philip Pavel

Adrian Gilliland

Sabine Hallauer

Jodie Smith

Jalan Durimel

Jibril Durimel

Cecily Rose Manson

Adarsha Benjamin

Roberto Gutierrez

Chris Jai Alex

Jerrod Paige

Production Management
Alexander Moon,  Production Manager
Todd Thompson,  1st Assistant Director
Nick Yabarra,  1st Assistant Director
Nicole Disson,  2nd Assistant Director
David Arp,  Truck PA
Albert Roman,  Truck PA
Production Design
Jahmin Assa,  Production Designer
Andy Kislak,  Set Dresser
Mindy Le Brock,  Creative Design
Alex Bickel,  Colorist
Camera Department
David Carouthers,  1st Assistant Camera
Nick Nikides,  2nd Assistant Camera
Ari Robbins,  Steadicam Operator
Matthew Love,  DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)
Makeup and Hair
Abraham Esparza,  Hair Stylist
Akiko Yamakawa,  Makeup Assistant
Daniel Tirinnanzi,  Special Effects Makeup Artist Assistant
Miranda Jory,  Special Effects Makeup Artist Assistant
Sherri Smith,  Special Effects Makeup Office Manager
Megumi Asai,  Makeup
Costume and Wardrobe
Mindy Le Brock,  Costume Designer
Adrian Gilliland,  Wardrobe Assistant
Art Department
Max Sweeney,  Art Director
Kate Stewart,  Art Director
Travis Millican,  Lead Man
Alicia Gerken,  Art Coordinator
Visual Effects
Andres Barrios,  VFX
Special Effects
Barney Burman,  Special Effects (SFX)
Barney Burman,  Prosthetics Artist
Stunts Department
Wayne Dalgish,  Stunt Coordinator
Electrical Department
Justin Dickson,  Gaffer
Miao-ju Chien,  Electric
Colin Arndt,  Best Boy Electric
Grip Department
Chris Rauch,  Key Grip
Rudy Arrieta Jr.,  Best Boy Grip
Eric Yahraus,  Grip
Jose Henry Gonzalez,  Grip
King Greenspan,  Driver
Joe Pires,  Driver
Peter Canaan,  Driver
Jay Ruggieri,  Driver
Production Support
Masai Murihia,  Production Assistant
Oscar Matute,  Production Assistant
Albert Roman,  Production Assistant


Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2014 UK MVAsBest Alternative Video – InternationalNominated
Best Cinematography In a VideoNominated


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  • Artist Name: MGMT
  • Song Name: Cool Song No. 2

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