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Paul McCartney 'Early Days' Music Video

Early Days (2014)
by Paul McCartney



Vincent Haycock
Director of Photography
Evan Prosofsky
Production Companies
Park Pictures
The Range
Anna Rau,  Producer
Corbett Jones,  Producer
Video Commissioner
Paul McKee
Production Management
Josiah Bultema,  Production Manager
Geoff Walker,  Production Coordinator
Sam Speiser,  Assistant to Producer
Aaron Paulson,  1st Assistant Director - LA Crew
Johnny Radcliff,  1st Assistant Director - Mississippi Crew
Chris Gonzalez,  2nd Assistant Director - LA Crew
Production Design
Jay Hougaard,  Production Designer
Mandy Cheng,  Production Designer - LA Crew
Jedediah Voltz,  Set Painter - LA Crew
Durand Trench,  Sound Mixer - LA Crew
Kent Vederico,  Assistant Sound Mixer - LA Crew
Camera Department
David Edsall,  1st Assistant Camera - LA Crew
Mike Valentine,  1st Assistant Camera - Mississippi Crew
Gary Bevans,  2nd Assistant Camera - LA Crew
Alicia Fischmeister,  2nd Assistant Camera - Mississippi Crew
Craig Molsberry,  Best Boy - LA Crew
Douglas Blagg,  Best Boy - LA Crew
Ari Robbins,  Steadicam Operator - LA & Mississippi Crew
Dustin Miller,  Loader - LA Crew
Makeup and Hair
Lauren Cohen,  Hair and Makeup - LA Crew
Joel Harlow,  Hair and Makeup - LA Crew
Costume and Wardrobe
Natasha Newman-Thomas,  Stylist
Tatiana Valentin,  Wardrobe Assistant - LA Crew
Art Department
Chris Miller,  Lead Man - LA Crew
John Bakken,  Prop Master - LA Crew
Casting Department
Carmela Makela,  Cast
Lisa Roth,  Casting - LA @ HMH Casting
Laurel Coyle,  Casting - New Orleans @ The Cast Station
Jonathan Lynch,  Location Manager - LA Crew
Electrical Department
Robert Lowe,  Gaffer - LA Crew
Juan Barroso,  Electric Driver - LA Crew
Grip Department
Bodie Hyman,  Key Grip - LA Crew
Adam Berman,  Craft Service - LA Crew
Production Support
Justine Marine,  Playback - LA Crew
Dave Schmalz,  VTR - LA Crew
Ben Westley,  Production Assistant - LA Crew
Garret Ives,  Production Assistant - LA Crew
Raphael Xexeo,  Production Assistant - LA Crew
Bart Taylor,  Production Assistant - LA Crew
Damien Lang,  Production Assistant - LA Crew
Marcus Huerta,  Production Assistant - LA Crew
Carmela Makela,  Assistant to Director
Carmela Makela,  Cast


Award Category Nominee(s) Result
Camerimage 2014Music Video CompetitionNominated
2014 UK MVAsBest Styling In a VideoNominated
Best Cinematography In a VideoNominated


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