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Queens Of The Stone Age 'Smooth Sailing' Music Video

Smooth Sailing (2014)
by Queens Of The Stone Age

RockAlternative Rock




Hiro Murai
Director of Photography
Larkin Seiple
Jacquelyn London
Production Company
Doomsday Entertainment
Danielle Hinde,  Executive Producer
Kimberly Stuckwisch,  Executive Producer
Jason Cole,  Producer
Sarah Lawson,  Producer

Josh Homme

Takumi Bansho

Business Man

Shu Sakimoto

Business Man

Yoshio Maki

Business Man

Yuichiro Katsuni

Business Man

Koji Niiya

Rice Rocket Driver

Production Management
Joe Faulstich,  Production Manager
Evan Fulton,  Production Coordinator
Bret "Bread" Rea,  Production Coordinator
Jesse Fleece,  1st Assistant Director
Michael Hart,  2nd Assistant Director
Production Design
Hannah Hurney,  Production Designer
Camera Department
Matt Sanderson,  1st Assistant Camera
Jonathan Dec,  2nd Assistant Camera
Chris Hoyle,  DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)
Makeup and Hair
Sabrina Wilson,  Special Effects Makeup Artist
Rebecca Friedman,  Hair Stylist - Band
Costume and Wardrobe
Elise Velasco,  Wardrobe Stylist
Jason Alper,  Wardrobe Stylist - Band
Art Department
Kim Rice,  Art Director
Casting Department
Michael Beaudry,  Casting Director - @Blok M Casting
Stunts Department
Robert Dill,  Stunt Coordinator
Kyle Mohan,  Stunt Driver
Electrical Department
Matt Ardine,  Gaffer
Grip Department
Tom Hunt,  Key Grip
Jack Shaw,  Swing
Production Support
Adrienne Nicart,  Production Assistant
Travis Cultreri,  Production Assistant
Mark Chase,  Production Assistant
Ryan Glenan,  Dog Owner


Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2014 UK MVAsBest Rock/Indie Video – InternationalWon


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