Shivaree 'John 2:14' Music Video

John 2:14 (2002)
by Shivaree

AlternativeAlternative Rock




Floria Sigismondi
Director of Photography
Simon Chaudoir
John McManus
Production Companies
Rose Hackney Barber
Revolver Films
Kelly Norris Sarno,  Executive Producer
Jane Harrison,  Producer
Record Labels
Odeon Records
Capitol Records

Jonathan McDermott


DAM LTD,  Management
Production Management
Josh Davies,  Production Manager
Chris Kelly,  1st Assistant Director
Dave Calland,  2nd Assistant Director
Owen Oppenhiemer,  Sound Playback
Fab Sound,  Sound Playback
Camera Department
Luke Palmer,  Focus Puller
Jolyen Thompson,  Loader
Makeup and Hair
Asashi,  Hair Stylist
Polly Ernshaw,  Makeup Assistant
Koishi Mishimura,  Hair Assistant
Sarah Berry,  Make Up Designer
Costume and Wardrobe
Andy Blake ,  Stylist
Sally Rankin,  Assistant Stylist
Pam Hogg,  Band Stylist
Art Department
Marco Puig,  Art Director
Adam Neville,  Art Dept Assistant
Emma Jones,  Art Dept Assistant
James Thompson,  Art Dept Assistant
Casting Department
Gane Casting,  Casting
Natasha Gane,  Casting Director
Post-Production Department
Colin Oaten,  Post Supervisor
VTR,  Telecine
Mick Ratman,  Location Manager
Epping Forest,  Shoot Location
Electrical Department
Dave Smith,  Gaffer
Robin Brigham,  Electric
Mark Keeling,  Electric
Will Burns,  Electrician
Grip Department
Daniel Essex,  Grip
Josh Davies,  First Aid
Mick Ratman,  First Aid
Fayre-Dos,  Catering
Production Support
Chris Mellane,  Runner
Harry Amier,  Runner
Isibeal Ballance,  Runner
Davide Tozzi,  Runner
Finch Judges,  Playback
VFG Camera,  Playback
Isibeal Ballance,  Production Assistant
Darren Monk,  Camera Car Driver
Simon Wilson,  Animal Trainer
Kate Parkin,  Animal Trainer
Sandra Lawrence,  Head of Music Production
Kate Miller,  Vice President of Music Promo
Justin Glorieux,  Manager of Video Production
Jane Harrison,  Production Mobiles
Josh Davies,  Production Mobiles
Mick Ratman,  Production Mobiles
Josh Davies,  Health and Safety officer
Dave Ayers,  Manager
Sue Gente,  2nd Unit DOP
Capital Medical,  Paramedic
Ness Sherry,  Stills Assistant
Phil Astbury,  2nd camera Assistant
Owen Oppenhiemer,  Sound Playback
Fab Sound,  Sound Playback
Ray Brown,  Genny
James Caddick,  Art Dept Runner
Adam Bartley,  2nd Unit Art Director
VFG Camera,  Camera
The Film Game,  Stock
AFM Lighting,  Lighting Equipment
Filmscope Ltd,  Facilities
Soho Images,  Laboratory
Tareq Kubafi,  Telecine Operator
Rob Walker,  SFX Supervisor
Allan Chapman & James LTD,  Insurance
Loughton Police Station,  Emergency Services
Princess Alexandra Hospital,  A&E
Dave Huckfield,  Ranger
VFG Camera,  Grip Accessories


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  • Artist Name: Shivaree
  • Song Name: John 2:14

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