Jonathan McDermott


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Guerra 'Blow Your Mind' music video Blow Your Mind (2011)
Director: Benjamin Everingham
Maher Zain 'Insha Allah' music video Insha Allah (2010)
Maher Zain
Production Company: Gas and Electric
Director: Mike Harris
Moloko 'Forever More' music video Forever More (2003)
Director: Paul Gore
Production Company: Flynn Productions
Shivaree 'John 2:14' music video John 2:14 (2002)
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Production Companies: Rose Hackney Barber, Revolver Films
Rhianna 'Word Love' music video Word Love (2002)
Production Company: Battlecruiser
Director: Barney Clay
Cevin Fisher 'You Got Me (Burnin' Up)' music video You Got Me (Burnin' Up) (1998)
Cevin Fisher
Production Company: BFCS
Director: Leah Seresin
Silmarils 'Karma' music video Karma (1998)
Production Companies: Swivel Films, Program 33
Director: John Clayton
Eternal 'I Wanna Be The Only One' music video I Wanna Be The Only One (1997)
Production Companies: Portfolio, Black Dog Films, Little Bear Films
Director: Randee St. Nicholas
Shola Ama 'You're The One I Love' music video You're The One I Love (1997)
Shola Ama
Production Company: Serious Pictures
Director: Randee St. Nicholas
Adeva 'Don't Think About It' music video Don't Think About It (1997)
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Directors: Terence O'Connor, Marek Losey
BT 'Flaming June' music video Flaming June (1997)
Director: Tom Merilion
Kym Mazelle 'No More Tears (Enough is Enough)' music video No More Tears (Enough is Enough) (1994)
Kym Mazelle
Director: Max & Dania
Production Company: Propaganda Films Europe

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