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Young Thug 'Wyclef Jean' Music Video

Wyclef Jean (2017)
by Young Thug




Ryan Staake
Director of Photography
Trevor Wineman
Ryan Staake
Eric Degliomini
Production Companies
Pomp & Clout
Ryan Staake,  Executive Producer
Ryen Bartlett,  Executive Producer
Nathan Scherrer,  Executive Producer
Jeff Kopchia,  Producer
Kevin Staake,  Head Of Production
Young Thug,  Co-Director
Erik Mateo,  1st AD
Anthony Hayward,  2nd AD
Production Management
Nathaniel Dueber,  Production Manager
Jimmy Stannard,  Production Coordinator
Ted Keffer,  Truck PA
Freddy Mendez,  Set PA
Patricia Ramirez,  Set PA
Production Design
Clayton Beisner,  Production Designer
Greg Shultz,  Set Dresser
David Torcivia,  Colorist
Camera Department
Alicia Pharris,  1st AC
Erin Naifeh,  2nd AC
Makeup and Hair
Julie Dinh,  Makeup
Costume and Wardrobe
Bo Roses,  Stylist
Art Department
Pele Kudren,  Art Director
Visual Effects
Aaron Vinton,  VFX Supervisor
Pete Puskas,  Lead VFX
Special Effects
Anthony Delzio,  Pyrotechnics
Erich Hicks,  Pyrotechnics
Electrical Department
Mike Misslin,  Gaffer
Joel Gill,  Electric
Garett Williams,  Best Boy Electric
Grip Department
Nick Bodkin,  Key Grip
Josh Smith,  Best Boy Grip
Randy Crisco,  Grip Driver
Sean Burris,  Grip


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