Josh Smith


as Gaffer (4)

Logan Lynn 'Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks' music video Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks (2013)
Logan Lynn
Directors: Kevin Forrest, Ben Starkey
TOKiMONSTA 'Go With It' music video Go With It (2013)
Director: High5Collective
Production Company: Partizan
Mandy Moore 'Candy' music video Candy (1999)
Mandy Moore
Director: Chris Robinson
Production Company: Squeak Pictures
Ice Cube 'Fuck Dying' music video Fuck Dying (1999)
Ice Cube
Director: Gregory Dark
Production Company: FM Rocks

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as Best Boy Grip (2)

Young Thug 'Wyclef Jean' music video Wyclef Jean (2017)
Young Thug
Director: Ryan Staake
Production Companies: Pomp & Clout, FREENJOY
Co-Director: Young Thug
The Crystal Method 'Over It' music video Over It (2013)
The Crystal Method
Director: Zak Stoltz
Production Company: More Media

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as Director of Photography (1)

as Editor (1)

as Choreographer (1)