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Alessia Cara 'Best Days' music video Best Days (2021) Director: TUSK
Production Company: The Field
Alessia Cara 'Shapeshifter' music video Shapeshifter (2021) Director: TUSK
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Alessia Cara 'Sweet Dream' music video Sweet Dream (2021) Director: TUSK
Alessia Cara 'October' music video October (2019)
Alessia Cara 'Rooting For You' music video Rooting For You (2019)
Alessia Cara 'Not Today' music video Not Today (2018)
Alessia Cara 'Growing Pains' music video Growing Pains (2018)
Alessia Cara 'Seventeen' music video Seventeen (2016) Directors: Alessia Cara, Aaron A
Alessia Cara 'How Far I'll Go' music video How Far I'll Go (2016) Director: Aya Tanimura
Alessia Cara 'Scars To Your Beautiful' music video Scars To Your Beautiful (2016) Director: Aaron A
Production Company: Mad Ruk Entertainment
Alessia Cara 'Wild Things' music video Wild Things (2016) Director: Aaron A
Alessia Cara 'Here' music video Here (2015) Director: Aaron A

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