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Austra 'Mountain Baby' music video Mountain Baby (2020)
Austra 'I Am Not Waiting' music video I Am Not Waiting (2020) Director: Sheida Arbabian
Austra 'Anywayz' music video Anywayz (2020) Director: Jasmin Mozaffari
Austra 'Risk It' music video Risk It (2020) Director: Jasmin Mozaffari
Austra 'I Love You More Than You Love Yourself' music video I Love You More Than You Love Yourself (2017) Director: M Blash
Austra 'Future Politics' music video Future Politics (2016) Director: Allie Avital
Production Company: Partizan
Austra 'Utopia' music video Utopia (2016) Director: That Go
Austra 'Doepfer' music video Doepfer (2014) Directors: Adrienne Crossman, Maya Postepski
Austra 'Hulluu' music video Hulluu (2014) Director: Zeesy Powers
Austra 'Habitat' music video Habitat (2014) Director: Matt Lambert
Production Company: Vision Film
Austra 'Hurt Me Now' music video Hurt Me Now (2014) Director: M Blash
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Austra 'Forgive Me' music video Forgive Me (2013) Director: Claire Edmondson
Production Company: Industry Films
Austra 'Painful Like' music video Painful Like (2013) Director: Exploding Motor Car
Austra 'Home' music video Home (2013) Production Company: Poor Man's Productions
Director: That Go
Austra 'Lose It' music video Lose It (2011) Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Director: M Blash

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