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VIsion is an LA based, full service production facility representing some of the most innovative directorial talents in the business.



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The Vaccines 'Give Me A Sign' music video Give Me A Sign (2015)
The Vaccines
Director: Peter Huang
Halsey 'New Americana' music video New Americana (2015)
Director: Jodeb
Pentatonix 'Can’t Sleep Love' music video Can’t Sleep Love (2015)
Director: Alon Isocianu
Zedd 'Beautiful Now' music video Beautiful Now (2015)
Director: Jodeb
Vic Mensa 'U Mad' music video U Mad (2015)
Vic Mensa
Director: Grant Singer
Kygo 'Stole The Show' music video Stole The Show (2015)
Director: Saman Kesh
Five Knives 'Sugar' music video Sugar (2015)
Five Knives
Director: WATTS
Imagine Dragons 'I Bet My Life' music video I Bet My Life (2014)
Imagine Dragons
Director: Jodeb
Gabriel Rios 'Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)' music video Gold (Thomas Jack Remix) (2014)
Gabriel Rios
Director: WATTS
Charlie Winston 'Lately' music video Lately (2014)
Charlie Winston
Director: Ellis Bahl
Annie Eve 'Ropes' music video Ropes (2014)
Annie Eve
Director: WATTS
Lights 'Up We Go' music video Up We Go (2014)
Director: Alon Isocianu
PARTYNEXTDOOR 'Recognize' music video Recognize (2014)
Director: Liam MacRae
Austra 'Habitat' music video Habitat (2014)
Director: Matt Lambert
Porter Robinson 'Lionhearted' music video Lionhearted (2014)
Porter Robinson
Director: Jodeb
Kevin Drew 'You In Your Were' music video You In Your Were (2014)
Kevin Drew
Director: Samir Rehem
Lana del Rey 'West Coast' music video West Coast (2014)
Lana del Rey
Director: Vincent Haycock
Zedd 'Find You' music video Find You (2014)
Director: Jodeb
Tensnake 'Love Sublime' music video Love Sublime (2014)
Director: WATTS
Reggie B 'Hypnotized' music video Hypnotized (2014)
Reggie B
Director: Mikael Colombu
Thugli 'Run This' music video Run This (2013)
Directors: Amos LeBlanc, Ohji Inoue
Billy Talent 'Running Across The Tracks' music video Running Across The Tracks (2013)
Billy Talent
Director: Alon Isocianu
Rihanna 'Pour It Up' music video Pour It Up (2013)
Director: Rihanna
Calvin Harris 'Thinking About You' music video Thinking About You (2013)
Calvin Harris
Director: Vincent Haycock
Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash & John Martin 'Reload' music video Reload (2013)
Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash & John Martin
Director: Jodeb
Iggy Azalea 'Bounce' music video Bounce (2013)
Iggy Azalea
Director: BRTHR
Zedd 'Clarity' music video Clarity (2013)
Director: Jodeb
Heaven's Basement 'Nothing Left To Lose' music video Nothing Left To Lose (2012)
Heaven's Basement
Director: Alon Isocianu
Florence + The Machine 'Lover to Lover' music video Lover to Lover (2012)
Florence + The Machine
Director: Vincent Haycock
The Weeknd 'Wicked Games' music video Wicked Games (2012)
The Weeknd
Director: The Weeknd
Grizzly Bear 'Yet Again' music video Yet Again (2012)
Grizzly Bear
Director: Emily Kai Bock
Young Empires 'White Doves' music video White Doves (2012)
Young Empires
Director: Miles Jay
Kerli 'Zero Gravity' music video Zero Gravity (2012)
Director: Alon Isocianu
Bedouin Soundclash 'Elongo' music video Elongo (2011)
Bedouin Soundclash
Director: Michael Maxxis
Modern Superstitions 'Mercy Line' music video Mercy Line (2011)
Modern Superstitions
Director: Scott Cudmore
Bedouin Soundclash 'Mountain Top' music video Mountain Top (2010)
Bedouin Soundclash
Director: Michael Maxxis
Comeback Kid 'Because Of All' music video Because Of All (2010)
Comeback Kid
Director: Michael Maxxis
Jimmy Gnecco 'Bring You Home' music video Bring You Home (2010)
Jimmy Gnecco
Director: Michael Maxxis
Billy Talent 'Saint Veronika' music video Saint Veronika (2010)
Billy Talent
Director: Michael Maxxis
Billy Talent 'Diamond On A Landmine' music video Diamond On A Landmine (2010)
Billy Talent
Director: Michael Maxxis
Hot Hot Heat '21 @ 12' music video 21 @ 12 (2010)
Hot Hot Heat
Director: Michael Maxxis
Three Days Grace 'The Good Life' music video The Good Life (2010)
Three Days Grace
Director: Michael Maxxis
Jay Malinowski 'There's A Light' music video There's A Light (2010)
Jay Malinowski
Director: Michael Maxxis
Alexisonfire 'The Northern' music video The Northern (2010)
Director: Michael Maxxis
Deftones 'You've Seen The Butcher' music video You've Seen The Butcher (2010)
Director: Jodeb
Still Life Still 'Kid' music video Kid (2010)
Still Life Still
Director: Scott Cudmore
Moneen 'Hold That Sound' music video Hold That Sound (2009)
Director: Michael Maxxis
Jay Sparrow 'Lay Yr Mountain Down' music video Lay Yr Mountain Down (2009)
Jay Sparrow
Director: Michael Maxxis
Metric 'Gimme Sympathy' music video Gimme Sympathy (2009)
Director: Frank Borin
Brian Borcherdt 'Scout Leader' music video Scout Leader (2009)
Brian Borcherdt
Director: Scott Cudmore
The Hidden Cameras 'Underage' music video Underage (2009)
The Hidden Cameras
Director: Scott Cudmore
16mm 'S.O.S.' music video S.O.S. (2008)
Director: Scott Cudmore

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