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Baustelle 'Contro il mondo' music video Contro il mondo (2023) Director: Marco Cella
Production Company: D'Aria
Baustelle 'Jesse James e Billy Kid' music video Jesse James e Billy Kid (2018) Director: Jacopo Farina
Production Company: K48
Baustelle 'Veronica, N.2' music video Veronica, N.2 (2018) Director: Zavvo Nicolosi
Production Company: Ground's Oranges
Baustelle 'Betty' music video Betty (2017) Directors: Fabio Capalbo, Francesco Bianconi
Baustelle 'Il vangelo di Giovanni' music video Il vangelo di Giovanni (2017) Director: Tommaso Ottomano
Production Company: Basement
Baustelle 'Love' music video Love (2017) Director: Tommaso Ottomano
Baustelle 'Amanda Lear' music video Amanda Lear (2017) Director: TO GUYS Films
Production Company: K48
Baustelle 'Il futuro' music video Il futuro (2014) Director: Mirko Locatelli
Baustelle 'Monumentale' music video Monumentale (2013) Director: Paoloreste Gelfo
Production Company: Kino Produzioni
Baustelle 'Nessuno' music video Nessuno (2013) Directors: Gianluca Moro, Daniele Natali
Production Company: Kino Produzioni
Baustelle 'La morte (non esiste più)' music video La morte (non esiste più) (2013) Director: Cosimo Alemà
Baustelle 'Gomma' music video Gomma (2010) Director: Daniele Babbo
Baustelle 'Le Rane' music video Le Rane (2010) Director: Lorenzo Vignolo
Production Company: Starlight Film Factory
Baustelle 'Gli Spietati' music video Gli Spietati (2010) Director: Daniele Persica
Baustelle 'Piangi Roma' music video Piangi Roma (2009) Director: Fabio Paleari
Baustelle 'Baudelaire' music video Baudelaire (2008) Directors: Massimiliano Bartolini, Mr. Maciunas
Production Company: Casasonica Management
Baustelle 'Colombo' music video Colombo (2008) Director: Stefano Poletti
Baustelle 'Charlie Fa Surf' music video Charlie Fa Surf (2008) Directors: Stefano Poletti, Mauro Pittarello
Production Company: Run Multimedia
Baustelle 'Un Romantico a Milano' music video Un Romantico a Milano (2006) Director: Lorenzo Vignolo
Baustelle 'La Guerra è Finita' music video La Guerra è Finita (2005) Director: Lorenzo Vignolo
Baustelle 'Arriva Lo Ye-Ye' music video Arriva Lo Ye-Ye (2004) Director: Lorenzo Vignolo
Baustelle 'Love Affair' music video Love Affair (2003) Director: Lorenzo Vignolo
Baustelle 'Le vacanze dell'ottantatre' music video Le vacanze dell'ottantatre (2001) Director: Domenico Liggeri

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