Bobby Shore

as Director of Photography (11)

SIA 'Cheap Thrills' music video Cheap Thrills (2016)
Directors: SIA, Daniel Askill
High Klassified '1250' music video 1250 (2016)
High Klassified
Director: Max Sherman
Production Company: OPC
Lawrence Rothman 'Oz vs. Eden' music video Oz vs. Eden (2015)
Lawrence Rothman
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Austra 'Habitat' music video Habitat (2014)
Director: Matt Lambert
Production Company: Vision Film
Blouse 'A Feeling Like This' music video A Feeling Like This (2013)
Director: Angus Borsos
Austra 'Forgive Me' music video Forgive Me (2013)
Director: Claire Edmondson
Production Company: Industry Films
Julia Holter 'Horns Surrounding Me' music video Horns Surrounding Me (2013)
Julia Holter
Director: Angus Borsos
Au Revoir Simone 'Somebody Who' music video Somebody Who (2013)
Au Revoir Simone
Director: HARRYS
Production Company: Partizan
Majical Cloudz 'Childhood's End' music video Childhood's End (2013)
Majical Cloudz
Director: Emily Kai Bock
Solar Year 'Brotherhood' music video Brotherhood (2012)
Solar Year
Director: Emily Kai Bock
La Sinfonia 'No Merezco Tu Perdon' music video No Merezco Tu Perdon (2008)
La Sinfonia
Director: Jesus Beltran
Production Company: Zumpango Films

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