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Brandy 'Baby Mama' music video Baby Mama (2020) Director: Derek Blanks
Production Company: Famous After Death
Brandy 'Put It Down' music video Put It Down (2012) Director: Hype Williams
Brandy 'Wildest Dreams' music video Wildest Dreams (2012) Production Company: Artists and Derelicts
Director: Matthew Rolston
Brandy 'Right Here (Departed)' music video Right Here (Departed) (2008)
Brandy 'Long Distance' music video Long Distance (2008) Director: Chris Robinson
Production Company: Robot Films
Brandy 'What About Us' music video What About Us (2002) Director: Dave Meyers
Brandy 'The Boy Is Mine' music video The Boy Is Mine (1998) Director: Joseph Kahn
Brandy 'Top Of The World' music video Top Of The World (1998) Director: Paul Hunter

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