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Broods 'Too Proud' music video Too Proud (2019) Director: Malia James
Broods 'Peach' music video Peach (2018)
Broods 'Heartlines' music video Heartlines (2016) Director: Dano Cerny
Broods 'Free' music video Free (2016) Director: Jessie Hill
Broods 'L.A.F' music video L.A.F (2014) Director: Jordan Arts
Broods 'Mother & Father' music video Mother & Father (2014) Director: Jordan Arts
Broods 'Bridges' music video Bridges (2014) Director: Dori Oskowitz
Production Company: Prettybird
Broods 'Bridges' music video Bridges (2014) Directors: Alexander Hørup, Jeppe Kolstrup
Production Companies: Riff Raff Films, the Woerks
Broods 'Never Gonna Change' music video Never Gonna Change (2014) Director: Remi Weeks

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