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as Video Commissioner (15)

Katy Perry 'When I'm Gone' music video When I'm Gone (2022)
Katy Perry
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Katy Perry 'Electric' music video Electric (2021)
Katy Perry
Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada
Production Company: Obsidian
Tori Kelly '25th' music video 25th (2020)
Tori Kelly
Director: Jo Roy
Production Company: Obsidian
Katy Perry 'Never Worn White' music video Never Worn White (2020)
Katy Perry
Director: J.A.C.K
Production Company: Caviar Content
Calum Scott 'You Are The Reason' music video You Are The Reason (2018)
Calum Scott
Director: Frank Borin
Production Companies: UnderWonder Films, 23/32 Films
Broods 'Heartlines' music video Heartlines (2016)
Director: Dano Cerny
Halsey 'Ghost' music video Ghost (2015)
Director: Malia James
Production Company: Ways & Means
Coasts 'Oceans' music video Oceans (2015)
Director: Tim Mattia
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Porter Robinson 'Lionhearted' music video Lionhearted (2014)
Porter Robinson
Director: Jodeb
Production Company: Vision Film
Broods 'Bridges' music video Bridges (2014)
Director: Dori Oskowitz
Production Company: Prettybird
PTAF 'Boss Ass Bitch' music video Boss Ass Bitch (2014)
Director: Chris Robinson
Production Company: Robot Films
My Crazy Girlfriend 'Crazy Stupid Love' music video Crazy Stupid Love (2014)
My Crazy Girlfriend
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Krewella 'Live for the Night' music video Live for the Night (2013)
Directors: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Production Company: Aggressive
Rachel Crow 'Mean Girls' music video Mean Girls (2012)
Rachel Crow
Production Company: Rockhard
Director: Ryan Pallotta
Rogue Traders 'I Never Liked You' music video I Never Liked You (2008)
Rogue Traders
Director: Marc Furmie
Production Company: Vanguard Pictures

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as Producer (6)

Katy Perry 'Cozy Little Christmas' music video Cozy Little Christmas (2019)
Katy Perry
Director: WATTS
Katy Perry 'Harleys In Hawaii' music video Harleys In Hawaii (2019)
Katy Perry
Director: Manson
Production Company: Canada
Katy Perry 'Small Talk' music video Small Talk (2019)
Katy Perry
Director: Tanu Muino
Katy Perry 'Never Really Over' music video Never Really Over (2019)
Katy Perry
Director: Philippa Price
Production Company: MAAVVEN
Halsey 'Nightmare' music video Nightmare (2019)
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Halsey 'Now Or Never' music video Now Or Never (2017)
Directors: Sing J. Lee, Halsey
Production Company: Partizan

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