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Vato Gonzalez '2 Step' music video 2 Step (2016)
Vato Gonzalez
Director: Crooked Cynics
Klyne 'Lend Me Another Name' music video Lend Me Another Name (2016)
Director: Alan Masferrer
Production Company: Grayskull
Rationale 'Something For Nothing' music video Something For Nothing (2016)
Director: Crooked Cynics
Production Company: Rubber Necker Films
Circa Waves 'Young Chasers' music video Young Chasers (2014)
Circa Waves
Director: Davis Silis
Production Company: Bullion Productions
The Kooks 'Down' music video Down (2014)
The Kooks
Director: Davis Silis
Production Company: Bullion Productions
Note: @ Lock It In
Imelda May 'It's Good To Be Alive' music video It's Good To Be Alive (2014)
Imelda May
Director: Prano Bailey-Bond
Production Company: Gas & Electric
Jamie Cullum 'Everything You Didn't Do' music video Everything You Didn't Do (2013)
Jamie Cullum
Director: Alexander Brown
Production Company: Nice + Polite
Leona Lewis 'One More Sleep' music video One More Sleep (2013)
Leona Lewis
Directors: Dominic O'Riordan, Warren Smith
Production Company: Love Making Films
Ekat Bork 'On My Moon' music video On My Moon
Ekat Bork
Director: Ed Lilly

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