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The Kooks 'Be Who You Are' music video Be Who You Are (2017)
The Kooks 'See Me Now' music video See Me Now (2014) Director: Lucy Paul
The Kooks 'Bad Habit' music video Bad Habit (2014) Director: TJ Andrade
The Kooks 'Forgive & Forget' music video Forgive & Forget (2014) Director: Ivana Bobic
Production Company: Able&Baker
The Kooks 'Around Town' music video Around Town (2014) Director: Ryan Hope
The Kooks 'Down' music video Down (2014) Director: Davis Silis
Production Company: Bullion Productions
The Kooks 'Rosie' music video Rosie (2012) Director: Tom Beard
The Kooks 'How'd You Like That' music video How'd You Like That (2012)
The Kooks 'Is It Me' music video Is It Me (2011)
The Kooks 'Junk Of The Heart (Happy)' music video Junk Of The Heart (Happy) (2011) Director: Warren Fu
Production Company: Partizan
The Kooks 'Sway' music video Sway (2008)
The Kooks 'Always Where I Need To Be' music video Always Where I Need To Be (2008) Director: The Malloys
Production Company: HSI Productions
The Kooks 'Ooh La' music video Ooh La (2006) Director: Charles Mehling
Production Company: Streetgang Films
The Kooks 'She Moves In Her Own Way' music video She Moves In Her Own Way (2006) Director: Diane Martel
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
The Kooks 'Naive' music video Naive (2006) Director: Nick Gordon
Production Company: Academy Films
The Kooks 'You Don't Love Me' music video You Don't Love Me (2005) Director: Mark Szaszy
Production Company: Ice Films
The Kooks 'Eddie's Gun' music video Eddie's Gun (2005) Director: Marco Sandeman
The Kooks 'Sofa Song' music video Sofa Song (2005) Director: Marco Sandeman

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