Danny Hiele


as Director of Photography (13)

Perfume Genius 'Describe' music video Describe (2020)
Perfume Genius
Director: Mike Hadreas
Production Company: Ways & Means
Adanowsky 'Would You Be Mine' music video Would You Be Mine (2015)
Director: Adan Jodorowsky
Production Company: Phantasm (3)
Charli XCX 'Breaking Up' music video Breaking Up (2014)
Charli XCX
Director: BRTHR
Production Company: Friend
Nicki Minaj 'Lookin Ass Nigga' music video Lookin Ass Nigga (2014)
Nicki Minaj
Director: Nabil
James Blake 'Overgrown' music video Overgrown (2013)
James Blake
Director: Nabil
Tom Odell 'Another Love' music video Another Love (2012)
Tom Odell
Director: Jamie Thraves
Production Companies: HSI Productions, Challenged Productions
Frank Ocean 'Pyramids' music video Pyramids (2012)
Frank Ocean
Director: Nabil
Production Company: Happy Place
Pink 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' music video Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (2012)
Director: Dave Meyers
Production Company: Radical Media
The Pretty Reckless 'My Medicine' music video My Medicine (2012)
The Pretty Reckless
Directors: Meiert Avis, Stefan Smith, Taylor Momsen
Production Company: Pusher Media
The Pretty Reckless 'You' music video You (2012)
The Pretty Reckless
Production Company: Pusher Media
Director: Meiert Avis
Rihanna 'Where Have You Been' music video Where Have You Been (2012)
Director: Dave Meyers
Production Company: Radical Media
Fall Out Boy 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me" (2006)
Fall Out Boy
Director: Alan Ferguson
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Audioslave 'Like a Stone' music video Like a Stone (2003)
Director: Meiert Avis
Production Company: Pusher Media

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