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Music Videos Released in 2003 (993)

Stacie Orrico '(There's Gotta Be) More to Life' music video

(There's Gotta Be) More to Life (2003)

Stacie Orrico

Five For Fighting '100 Years' music video

100 Years (2003)

Five For Fighting

Sinéad O'Connor '1000 Mirrors' music video

1000 Mirrors (2003)

Sinéad O'Connor

Lamb Of God '11th Hour' music video

11th Hour (2003)

Lamb Of God

The Strokes '12:51' music video

12:51 (2003)

The Strokes

Mew '156' music video

156 (2003)


The Bandits '2 Step Rock' music video

2 Step Rock (2003)

The Bandits

50 Cent '21 Questions' music video

21 Questions (2003)

50 Cent

Director: Philip G. Atwell, Dr. Dre, Damon Johnson

Turin Brakes '5 Mile (These Are the Days)' music video

5 Mile (These Are the Days) (2003)

Turin Brakes

Lemar '50/50' music video

50/50 (2003)


A*Teens 'A Perfect Match' music video

A Perfect Match (2003)


Paola 'Above The Candystore' music video

Above The Candystore (2003)


Pseudonym 'Accident Prone' music video

Accident Prone (2003)


Silverchair 'Across the Night' music video

Across the Night (2003)


Ludacris 'Act A Fool' music video

Act A Fool (BET Version) (2003)


Powerman 5000 'Action' music video

Action (2003)

Powerman 5000

La Crus 'Ad occhi chiusi' music video

Ad occhi chiusi (2003)

La Crus

Enrique Iglesias 'Addicted' music video

Addicted (2003)

Enrique Iglesias

Simple Plan 'Addicted' music video

Addicted (2003)

Simple Plan

Pitty 'Admirável Chip Novo' music video

Admirável Chip Novo (2003)


Silverchair 'After All These Years' music video

After All These Years (2003)


Outlandish 'Aicha' music video

Aicha (2003)


Flint (2) 'Aim 4' music video

Aim 4 (2003)


Thalía 'Alguien Real' music video

Alguien Real (2003)


Miss Machine 'All American Girl' music video

All American Girl (2003)

Miss Machine

Jamie Cullum 'All At Sea' music video

All At Sea (2003)

Jamie Cullum

Jump5 'All I Can do' music video

All I Can do (2003)


Cosmo Klein 'All I Ever Need' music video

All I Ever Need (2003)

Cosmo Klein

Maren Ord 'All I Want' music video

All I Want (2003)

Maren Ord

Kosheen 'All In My Head' music video

All In My Head (2003)


Brian McKnight 'All Night Long' music video

All Night Long (2003)

Brian McKnight

The Benjamin Gate 'All Over Me' music video

All Over Me (2003)

The Benjamin Gate

Thrice 'All That's Left' music video

All That's Left (2003)


Elisa 'Almeno tu nell'universo' music video

Almeno tu nell'universo (2003)


Freeway 'Alright' music video

Alright (2003)


Morgan (2) 'Altrove' music video

Altrove (2003)


The Butterfly Effect 'Always' music video

Always (2003)

The Butterfly Effect

Bon Jovi 'America The Beautiful' music video

America The Beautiful (2003)

Bon Jovi

Wheatus 'American In Amsterdam' music video

American In Amsterdam (2003)


Madonna 'American Life' music video

American Life (2003)


Madonna 'American Life (Alternative Version)' music video

American Life (Alternative Version) (2003)


Toby Keith 'American Soldier' music video

American Soldier (2003)

Toby Keith

Hawksley Workman 'Anger As Beauty' music video

Anger As Beauty (2003)

Hawksley Workman

Barenaked Ladies 'Another Postcard' music video

Another Postcard (2003)

Barenaked Ladies

Martina Topley-Bird 'Anything' music video

Anything (2003)

Martina Topley-Bird