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Diplo 'Wasted' music video Wasted (2023) Director: Austin Peters
Diplo 'Don't Be Afraid' music video Don't Be Afraid (2021)
Diplo 'Turn Back Time' music video Turn Back Time (2021)
Diplo 'Horizon' music video Horizon (2020) Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Production Company: Obsidian
Diplo 'Lonely' music video Lonely (2019) Director: Brandon Dermer
Diplo 'Stay Open' music video Stay Open (2018) Director: Filippo Rossi
Diplo 'Welcome To The Party' music video Welcome To The Party (2018) Director: Jason Koenig
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Diplo 'Color Blind' music video Color Blind (2018) Director: Austin Peters
Diplo 'Get It Right' music video Get It Right (2018) Director: Brantley Gutierrez
Diplo 'Be Right There' music video Be Right There (2015) Director: Dan Streit
Diplo 'Boy Oh Boy' music video Boy Oh Boy (2014)
Diplo 'Biggie Bounce' music video Biggie Bounce (2014) Director: Jason Miller
Diplo 'Revolution' music video Revolution (2014) Director: Phil Pinto
Diplo 'Butter's Theme' music video Butter's Theme (2013) Director: Reuben Dangoor
Diplo 'About That Life' music video About That Life (2012) Directors: Lil Internet, Jack Cearnal
Diplo 'Set It Off' music video Set It Off (2012) Director: Ryan Staake
Production Companies: Pomp & Clout, Pier Pictures
Note: T.S. Pfeffer, Robert McHugh, and Ryan Staake are not Associate Producers.
Diplo 'Express Yourself' music video Express Yourself (2012) Director: Lil Internet
Diplo 'U Don't Like Me' music video U Don't Like Me (2010) Director: NMA

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